Murray Murphy, UPEI’s lawyer, Gives “Immunity” to UPEI and PEI Human Rights Commission for their participation in illegal acts, ongoing abuses to a female victim, and breaches, refusals to comply to contracts and Human Rights Laws.

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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UPEI officials stated to an abused female victim that UPEI will continue to breach and refuse to comply with the mediated contract that UPEI signed with her. As such, known fraudulent transcripts continue to be produced by UPEI Registrar, Kielly,; UPEI will continue to slander victim; Refused to stop circulating fraudulent apology letters (UPEI has victim apologizing to her brutal abusers). Known fraudulent letters that Murphy and Turnbull have been circulating and submitting to offices, such as the STLHE to cover up the scam that UPEI planed and pulled on them; Continue to prevent her access to a public funded UPEI. Several UPEI officials claim Murray Murphy has given all those involved “legal immunity” from illegal acts such as refusing to comply to a contract, fraud, abuses, and other illegal actions such as refusing to comply to the Human Rights Act and Laws. This “Immunity” also has been given to the corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission covering their abuses to a victim, violating human rights act and laws. UPEI claims they will NOT Comply to Laws or Contracts. Ghiz and officials support and fund UPEI’s position with their access to their approx. 500 million in transfer payments from the Feds to fight any victim who dares to challenge their law breaking habits.


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