#PEI Human Rights Commission Corruption Exposed: Confirmed UPEI brought abused female victim into a planned corrupted mediation process

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Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission Corruption Exposed: UPEI brought abused female victim into a corrupted PEI Human Rights mediation process

PEI Human Rights Commission Corruption.
Victim threatened July 2011 with a corrupted HRC mediation process with additional threats of the results of such a process if she proceeded to submit complaints and expose the female targeting scam, fraud, scams on outside agencies. July 2011 Murphy and Howard had completed the necessary plans to bring this abused victim into a mediation process where Buell, HRC secretary would oversee a corrupted and violating human rights process.
The victim documented all threats and details before submitting her complaints to the HRC in Nov 2011.
From Nov – May 2012, the threats stated on July 2011 were followed through where the victim was further abused, threatened, violated, where no rules would be followed, and she would suffer further losses and trauma.
The results from May 2012- present are exactly as the threats made on July 2011 were stated. The victim would be further harassed and slandered, banned access from the university, apology letters would be sent to the abusers and the STLHE (the academic body that UPEI pulled their scam), her thesis work would be cut and false statements discrediting and destroying her academic reputation would be produced.
UPEI officials stated to victim that UPEI and PEI does NOT comply with laws or contracts. This is backed by GHIZ and his government and “Murphy’s immunity” will be funded by Ghiz via the FEDS in their 500 million given to PEI in transfer taxes.
PEI may be the first province in Canada to deny a female access to a public funded university.
PEI may be the first province to be provided with “Murphy’s immunity” so UPEI and PEI can abuse female students and refuse compliance to laws, human rights laws, and contracts.


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