University of PEI Dean of Nursing, Herbert, Given “Immunity” from Murray Murphy, for Abuses and Illegal Acts During Their Abusive Mediation with Victim Followed by Participating with UPEI’s Refusal to Comply with Laws, including HR Laws and the Mediated Contract Murphy and Herbert signed with Victim.

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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UPEI officials claim all illegal acts and abuse of a traumatized victim since 2010 by UPEI and PEI corrupted officials, will continue to be protected by Murphy and Ghiz. Including the Dean of Nursing abusing a known severely abused victim, so brutally harassed and bullied suffered from PTSD. Herbert, a nurse, who is required to comply to the ethical code of conduct that Nurses are thought to follow, brutally abused and caused the victim further damage during a corrupted mediation for 5 months. Since May 2012, when UPEI signed a contract with the victim and then refused to comply, Murphy, Herbert and others have continued to violate human rights laws, abuse and slandered the victim, be involved in known fraud and has banned and prevented victim access to a public funded UPEI.
The illegal, unethical and inhumane treatment of an abused victim where UPEI continue to participate in the destruction of another human being violates laws, contracts, and certainly any code of professional conduct.


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