#UPEI officials confirmed to victim: refusal to comply with laws and mediated human rights contract will continue as directed by #UPEI Lawyer #Murray Murphy and supported by #PEI’s Premier #Ghiz, #PEI Minister of Justice, and #PEI Minister of Education

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According to UPEI officials, during several different meetings, as well as meetings with victim’s rep and Murray Murphy and UPEI Nursing Dean Rosemary Herbert, UPEI are refusing to comply to laws, human rights laws, or the signed contract..  UPEI will continue to violate the human rights laws and continue the inhumane and brutal harassment of the victim that has been going on for 4 years.  Although ILLEGAL including the known and acknowledged fraudulent documents from UPEI, UPEI VP academics and Registrar claims it is illegal but Murray Murphy has instructed them to breach contract and violate human rights laws and he, UPEI and Ghiz government will protect them, give them “immunity”.  As well, the evidence showing and admissions to the corrupted and abusive PEI Human Rights Commission Mediation that the victim suffered through with 5 months of abuse and violation of her human rights will be ignored by the government, Sherry, Ghiz, and PEI officials.

Those involved in the setting up and participating in the abusive corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission mediation that abused and violated the victim during a 5 month, in a  so called PEI Human Rights Mediation process has been given “immunity” by Ghiz, Sherry.  The fraud is being protected by the PEI Minister of Education.  No one will respond with their knowing that they banned a female victim from a public funded UPEI, the massive and horrendous harassment and slander that they, both UPEI and PEI, have caused the victim.    All illegal acts associated with their extreme abuse of a female student; a corrupted mediation process that had been planned by UPEI and PEI HRC, breaches and non compliance with laws, human rights laws, and contract that UPEI signed with a victim will never be brought to light, will be squashed in the present stalling and ignoring victim in Premiers office, Ministers of Justice and Education. Officials say this “immunity” will be funded and is supported by Ghiz and his access to the millions that the FEDS send in transfer taxes.
NO compliance to laws or contracts, so says UPEI


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