University of PEI Refuses to Comply with Laws and UPEI’s signed Human Rights contracts with Victims to Continue Human Rights Abuses and Denying Female Victim Access to Public Funded UPEI.

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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#UPEI  Refuses To Comply with Laws and Contracts: UPEI breaches Human Rights Contract after signing it with victim to continue to harass victim

UPEI brought victim into a corrupted mediated Human rights process where the victim was exposed to 5 months of UPEI and Mediator Buell (secretary acting as a lawyer) abuses and harassment. After signing contract, UPEI refuses to comply while Murphy threatens lawsuit on victim if she breaches any of the gag clauses. UPEI, Murphy and Turnbull were slandering victim, writing fraudulent apology letters from victim to her abusers then when victim told them to stop, Murphy threatened legal action as he stated she was breaching gag clauses. Brutal abuses to a female student; Total corruption and abuse


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