#UPEI Registrar – Kielly says Registrar’s office and UPEI will continue producing known fraudulent transcripts,

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#UPEI Registrar - Kielly says Registrar's office & UPEI will continue producing known fraudulent transcripts,

UPEI Registrar, Kathleen Kielly, tells severely abused victim of abuse that she will continue to breach the human rights contract to continue the slander and harassment of the traumatized victim. Kielly openly states she is aware of the illegal acts of breaching contracts, refusing to comply with human rights laws, slander and libel on victim’s transcript and other illegal acts that UPEI continues to bash their victim with in this horrid abuse of a female student.

Kielly, too, claims that she is following the direction of UPEI lawyer, Murray Murphy. Although she is aware of the illegal acts that she is participating in and the continued abuse of an abused victim, she has been promised “immunity” from her illegal acts. Murphy has given “legal immunity” to her, UPEI, Lacroix, Dean Rosemary Herbert, UPEI Education department, Turnbull, Education faculty, all those who assisted to bully, harass, slander the victim off campus and continue to do so, all those who have participated in banning and preventing victim access to a public funded UPEI, all those who have colluded in allowing and participating in a corrupted and violating Human rights mediation process. The immunity extends to UPEI, PEI officials, the PEI Human Rights Commission and all those who participated in the abuse, slander, bullying of a traumatized victim of severe abuse.

PEI Ghiz and officials support the abuse of female students and UPEI’s refusal to follow laws, human rights laws, and contracts. Ghiz is funding the PEI government’s backing of these unlawful acts, with his access to the FEDs transfer taxes, approx. 500 million, that he has given UPEI and Murphy full access to, in order for Murphy to pull his “litigation fatigue/financial loss” strategy, on any victim who tries to make UPEI or PEI comply to laws and contracts.

The banning of a female from UPEI maybe the first in Canada. The “immunity” to allow abuses of female students and to refuse compliance to human rights laws now places PEI in breach of agreements that Canada has signed with the UN and other treaties.
UPEI refusing access to a female victim now prevents PEI from providing UPEI with taxpayers money. Last year, UPEI received at least 10 million from the transfer tax flow from the Feds which means that UPEI will now have to return it to the Canadian taxpayers.
UPEI will also be in breach of agreements that Canadian universities have agreed to abide by, including their belonging to the Atlantic Association of Universities.
The “Murphy’s Immunity” and Ghiz’s funding has placed PEI as a province that refuses to comply with human rights laws and acts.


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