#UPEI, #Murray Murphy, #Ghiz & PEI Officials have refused to comply with Human Rights contract: PEI supports UPEI’s abuses of female students, violating Human Rights Laws

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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UPEI & Supported by Ghiz, Refuse to comply with Human Rights Laws, HR contract UPEI signed with victim:  Officials confirm will continue to DENY RIGHTS TO FEMALES, CONTINUE to ABUSE female students, BREACH contracts, NO RIGHTS For Female Students, Female student prevented access.

UPEI, Murray Murphy brought victim into corrupted mediation process where the victim had her rights violated, was abused, verbally assaulted during a planned corrupted Human Rights Mediation. Both UPEI (Murray Murphy, Rosemary Herbert) and appointed to have corrupted mediation, Lorraine Buell-HRC secretary playing legal mediator. Victim endured horrid violations and abuses. Murphy and UPEI claim that all illegal acts during mediation and post mediation during the breach of contract, are given legal immunity against their illegal acts and abusing a female victim. Claim Ghiz, Sherry and other PEI officials support and fund this “IMMUNITY”


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