#UPEI’s Dean of Nursing, Rosemary Herbert, Breaches mediation contract and violates, abuses a tramatized victim in a corrupted PEI Human Rights Mediation Process

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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UPEI Dean of Nursing and UPEI lawyer, Murray Murphy, brought a severely abused, harassed, violated victim into a corrupted mediation process not in good faith. Victim was threatened, verbally abused, had rights violated, was legally attacked by Murphy as well as Herbert and Buell, the HRC secretary who Howard and Murphy appointed as mediator. UPEI and Buell breached the contract to mediate to violate and further abuse victim for 5 months. Victim had to hire a lawyer to stop the unethical legal attacks and told Herbert and Buell to stop practicing law without a licence. Victim’s lawyer blasted both Herbert and Buell for stating and writing legal responses with laws that did not exist. Herbert responded to victim’s complaints on Murphy’s law firm’s email stating laws that were made up and explanations that were illegal.
After signing the mediated contract, UPEI refused to comply. Herbert and Murphy actively banned the female access, produced/circulated fraudulent apology letters from victim to her abusers, including submission to the STLHE who UPEI had pulled a planned scam where they planned to get an award for an Education professor named in the victim’s human rights complaints.
UPEI Officials claim that UPEI Lawyer, Murray Murphy has given everyone “legal immunity” to those involved with breaching human rights contract, corrupted mediated process, continuing to abuse and slander victim, fraud, and refusing to comply with human rights laws and contracts
The abuses that the victim endured were inhumane and nothing less than evil in nature. The abuse and illegal acts continue on this victim who endured unimaginable bullying tactics, violations and corrupted processes.


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