University of Prince Edward Island, #PEI: Premier #Ghiz, Sherry supports Murray Murphy’s “Immunity” to the Corrupted #PEI Human Rights Commission and UPEI for Abuses and Violations of Rights and Laws

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Officials at UPEI claim they are aware of their illegal acts, fraud, a scam that continues AND refusal to deny a female rights, stop abusing and harassing, and deny her access from a public funded UPEI. Officials claim Murray Murphy, who has been named in 2 formal complaints placed with the government for over a year, while Sherry, Ghiz, McIsaac stall and non-respondent except when they honored him with the title QC 2 weeks ago. Outstanding complaints that UPEI officials even claim he was involved. The evidence is overwhelming.
Officials say that UPEI refuses to comply to Human Rights laws, will continue to abuse and violate rights of a female and ban her access to the public funded UPEI.


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