University of PEI’s, #UPEI Registrar, Kielly, Claims “Immunity” Given for UPEI to continue their Illegal Refusal to comply to Laws and the signed mediated contract with the #PEI Human Rights Commission signed with victims to Prevent Access to UPEI to Female Victim, Produce Fraud Transcripts, Documents, Letters while Continuing UPEI’s Slander and Harassment of Female Victims

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#UPEI Registrar, Kathleen Kielly, breaching a human rights contract, and knowing it will cost to fix

UPEI Registrar, Kielly,  says she will continue as, UPEI Lawyer,  Murray Murphy has given everyone who has taken part  “IMMUNITY” from prosecution.  The victim has made numerous complaints to many such as  UPEI President, the PEI Government, Ghiz and Officials, PEI Minister of Education and PEI Minister of Justice.  UPEI Registrar says she is aware of victim’s complaints made and mediated at the PEI Human Rights Commission where UPEI signed a human rights contract with victim.  UPEI Registrar says she is aware of breaching and not complying to the PEI Human Rights Commission mediated contract but is following UPEI Lawyer Murray Murphy’s direction.  She was aware as was the VP Academics that UPEI Nursing Dean, Herbert, had been involved in bringing victim into PEI Human Rights Commission mediation process lasting 5 months and although the contract speficied that all harassment stop and those involved in the harassment, slander, and harm of the victim were to be notified by UPEI to stop.  Continuing to harm the victim, slander as was shown by UPEI Education Department and UPEI Education Faculty Tunbull with Murray Murphy when producing and circulating fraudulent letters was against what was written and agreed upon by UPEI during the PEI Human Rights Commission mediation.  UPEI Registrar and UPEI, UPEI President were sent notices that the fraudulent transcripts were libel, harassing and causing damage to the victim as well as financial loss.

UPEI Registrar stated she knew she was breaching a contract, when she put the false statements on a victim’s transcript; promoting the harassment of a victim of abuse for almost 4 years, corrupted processes, UPEI Registrar admitted and was aware that student banned from campus and the fraudulent apology letters, Registrar claims the same as others since Oct 2011, 2 years before when it was planned,:a fraudulent transcript will make it appear that UPEI was following through on the contract. However, the evidence shows otherwise.


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