Premier Ghiz, Sherry, Murray Murphy Caught In Covering UP Corruption in PEI Human Rights Commission to allow University of PEI to Abuse and Deny Rights to Female Students

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Human rights commission corruption was exposed in June 2011

UPEI officials confirmed to victim, with witnesses present, the corrupted mediation process at PEI Human Rights Commission to allow UPEI continue to Refuse to comply to human rights laws and contracts with victims.  Sherry and Ghiz have stalled and blocked complaints by victim for over a year where UPEI claim Ghiz and Sherry will never do the required investigation as it is known that UPEI and HRC collude to cover up human rights abuses and other crimes at UPEI.  The contract for a victim was breached by UPEI after violating HRC process where victim was denied access, UPEI continued to harass female and produce fraudulent documents and letters to cover up another scam that PEI Education Minister and UPEI had pulled on a National Academy, STLHE, in their scam to get a National Award for a professor who was named and reported in brutal human rights abuses of a female


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