#PEI, #Ghiz, Sherry, MacIsaac Cover-up and Stall, Ignore Formal Complaints made Regarding Evidence of Corrupted #PEI Human Rights Commission, #UPEI Colluding with #PEI HRC, Fruad, Scams and Targetting of Females to be abused at #UPEI. #UPEI Officials claim they have recieved “IMMUNITY” to continue their Refusal to Comply with Laws and Human Rights Mediated Contracts. Female Victim Denied Rights and Access to UPEI

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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UPEI & Supported by Ghiz, Refuse to comply with Human Rights Laws, HR contract UPEI signed with victim: Officials confirm will continue to DENY RIGHTS TO FEMALES, CONTINUE to ABUSE female students, BREACH contracts, NO RIGHTS For Female Students, Female student prevented access.. Ghiz, Sherry and officials continue to cover up the threats and following through on threats that a severely abused female victim was exposed to when UPEI tried to prevent victim from exposing abuses of female students and fraud, as well as a scam that UPEI and PEI were pulling on STLHE.  UPEI had colluded with PEI as they do on all cases so UPEI does not pay for damages, they tell victims all damages do not exceed the Insurance pay outs by UPEI Insurance Company, while silencing victims then allowing the abuses to continue.


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