University of Prince Edward Island, PEI: Premier Ghiz, Sherry supports Murray Murphy’s “Immunity” to Corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission and UPEI for Abuses and Violations of Rights and Laws

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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#UPEI officials have confirmed, to an abused victim, that #UPEI Lawyer, murray-murphy, #UPEI and #PEI officials involved in Not following laws, or contracts, and have been given “immunity” for all illegal acts resulting from UPEI and PEI abuse of a female student and all the fraud and scams, including a scam they pulled on STLHE. UPEI President refused to respond to any of the victims complaints. The UPEI VP Academics and UPEI Registrar discussed openly the breaches in contract and the continued harassment, Murphy banning her and fraud transcripts and apology letters circulated by UPEI, Murray Murphy, and Turnbull. As victim was told and even threatened several times before putting her complaints into the PEI Human Rights Commission, UPEI has corrupted the PEI Human Rights Commission and UPEI’s involvement with colluding with #PEI #HRC to abuse females making human rights complaints against #UPEI
As was told to victim several times, #UPEI runs the HRC and Ghiz allows it as they want their cash flow from Feds to UPEI to continue.

#UPEI officials confirm that #UPEI does NOT comply with LAWS, including human rights laws, AND contracts signed with victims they abused. #UPEI officials confirmed their continued breach and non-compliance to a contract they signed with victim to deny a Female rights where they have prevented her access to UPEI, continued to slander and harass her, produced fraudulent letters and apology letters from victim to abusers (acknowledged as fraud by UPEI officials but refused to withdraw them to continue a scam they had to cover-up with the STLHE); 2 officials from UPEI stated their producing fraudulent transcripts to victim, continuing to deny her rights and access to university and to continue to harass and violate human rights laws has been protected by “immunity” that was given by Murray Murphy and supported and promoted by GHIZ .

After several meetings with UPEI, UPEI confirmed that the final decisions from Ghiz , Sherry and Govt officials would be that they will back Murray Murphy’s directions to UPEI to not to comply with Laws and Contracts signed with victims and all abuses, fraud, targeting of females to be sexually harassed and abused will continue and will be covered up. UPEI and PEI Human Rights Commission collusion will remain covered up as UPEI does not pay for damages to victims, (their insurance pays) and HRC will ensure that victims are not awarded more than the insurance will pay to prevent UPEI to pay nothing for damages and the known sexual abuses on campus will continue


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