To #PEI Advisory Council: Advise #UPEI, “Murray Murphy”, #Ghiz, PEI Government to comply to PEI Human Rights Commission Contracts they sign with females; Comply to laws and Human Rights Laws

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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#PEI and #UPEI Corrupted #PEI Human Rights Commission:  Brings Female Victim into Corrupted Mediation Process then After Signing Contract Refuses to Comply to Contract and Human Rights Laws

To #PEI Advisory Council: Please tell #UPEI, UPEI President, UPEI Registrar, PEI Human Rights Commission, UPEI lawyer, Murray Murphy, #PEI Government officials and Premier Ghiz to stop participating and promoting the abuse of female students. #UPEI officials have stated to a female victim that Ghiz will fund #Murray Murphy’s unethical “litigation/financial loss” strategy, if any abused female victim attempts to make PEI and/or UPEI Comply to Laws, Human Rights Contracts that they sign with victims. UPEI, PEI, Premier Ghiz, as per UPEI officials, DOES NOT COMPLY WITH LAWS, HUMAN RIGHTS CONTRACTS SIGNED WITH VICTIMS.


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