To #PEI Advisory Council: Please advise #Ghiz that there is 1 abused female victim that he, his corrupted PEI government officials, Murray Murphy, and UPEi has not threatened into silence. There will be justice for this abused female victim.

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To #PEI Advisory Council:  Please advise #Ghiz that there is 1 abused female victim that he, his corrupted PEI government officials, Murray Murphy, and UPEi has not threatened into silence.  There will be justice for this abused female victim.

#PEI Premier Ghiz is well aware and has participated in re-victimizing abused females, as well as, promoted the protection of abusers while continuing PEI and UPEI’s abuse of a female student. Ghiz is very much aware and involved in the abuse of females while protecting the scams, greed, perverted predators, corrupted offices and government on PEI.

To #PEI Advisory Council: Please tell Premier Ghiz to stop participating and promoting the abuse of female students. #UPEI officials have stated to a female victim that Ghiz will fund #Murray Murphy’s unethical “litigation/financial loss” strategy, if any abused female victim attempts to make PEI and/or UPEI Comply to Laws, Human Rights Contracts that they sign with victims. UPEI, PEI, Premier Ghiz, as per UPEI officials, DOES NOT COMPLY WITH LAWS, HUMAN RIGHTS CONTRACTS SIGNED WITH VICTIMS.

Evidence showing fraud, corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission, insurance scam, scams on STLHE, and UPEI Lawyer’s participation in setting up a corrupted HRC mediation process, bringing a victim into the corrupted mediation to be abused, to sign a contract with a victim then breach it, refuse to comply; tell UPEI officials that he (Murphy) and Ghiz will protect them from prosecution and lawsuits to continue with further harassment of the female victim; slander abused female victim; produce and continue to circulate fraudulent documents, including the fraudulent apology letters that Murray Murphy and Turnbull passed in to the STLHE to cover-up a known scam that UPEI/PEI had been pulling on the STLHE since 2011 and so on…was only part of the evidence submitted for a request of a formal investigation to PEI Justice Minister Sherry.

2 people that Sherry had appointed to investigate have returned to say that their job description does not cover what Sherry has asked of them; UPEI officials claim that the corrupted officials involved have been given immunity, and have been instructed by Murray Murphy to continue to breach the contract to abuse a female, produce fraudulent documents, cover up the fraud and scams, and to continue to ban/prevent a female victim access to the public funded UPEI.

Sherry, Ghiz, MacIsaac have continued to be non-responsive to the victim’s requests regarding a status on her formal complaints against UPEI, Murray Murphy, the known and even admitted fraudulent documents produced and circulated by UPEI and Murray Murphy, the ban of a student to a public funded UPEI that UPEI officials have admitted to and so on.

Nov 2013, the victim confronted Sherry regarding her complaints, as Sherry left a union speaking engagement. Sherry told victim that she had an unnamed person in her office still working on her complaints, that Sherry had read and received all of her complaints, including all the complaints and evidence on Murray Murphy. Evidence that showed UPEI officials admitting to the illegal acts of fraud that Murray Murphy was alleged to have been involved in. Sherry promised the victim that this unnamed person in her office would contact her, within 2 weeks. Sherry was also aware of UPEI and Murray Murphy’s ban, slander, breach of contract with an abused female. The victim emailed Sherry when she did not hear from this unnamed person who was supposed to contact her. No response.

Nov 27, 2013, Ghiz and Sherry honor and praise Murray Murphy and give him the title, QC.

TO PEI ADVISORY COUNCIL: There are some abused female victims who refuse to be destroyed as was threatened by UPEI, Murray Murphy and Corrupted PEI government officials. There will be justice for these victims regardless of Ghiz’s attempts to silence them.


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