#UPEI Interim Dean Of Education was in same #PEI Human Rights Complaints made against #UPEI and #UPEI Education Department that led to the eventual downfall and demotion of the Dean he is replacing.

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#UPEI Interim Dean was named in the same complaint against UPEI Education Dept, in the corrupted and planned , Ghiz and PEI Government officials, PEI Human Rights Commission mediation that Murray Murphy and PEI Nursing Dean abused for 5 months

#UPEI Interim Dean is replacing the demoted UPEI Dean of Education, Turnbull (Sept 2013).

#Ghiz and #PEI Government then assisted Turnbull in getting job off island. Replacing an Education dean involved who was involved with Murphy and Ghiz government in a big scam on STLHE. Turnbull, Murphy, UPEI refused to comply to human rights laws and human rights contract to continue to violate, abuse and harass a female student; and then denied her access to the campus, as was threatened by Murray Murphy in the corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission mediation process

Ironically the new appointed dean, the interim dean,  was involved in the entire mess and human rights complaints made against the UPEI Education Department,  that led to Turnbull’s demotion as well. UPEI President, Murray Murphy  and Ghiz would have been aware.

The new interim dean would be able to continue UPEI’s cover up and all the alleged illegal acts that were hidden in gag clauses while UPEI re-victimized a female with more harassment, bullyin

During the corrupt hrc mediation process, a corrupted process threatened on victim by UPEI several times, included:  UPEI Nursing Dean who abused and violated the rules during their 5 month brutal abuse of a victim and violating her rights in the Corrupted PEI Human Rights Mediation

UPEI Registrar and  VP Academics who claim they refused to comply with contract and human rights laws as they took direction from Murray Murphy. Claims that this PEI/UPEI collusion, including plans to scam STLHE, were approved by Ghiz as his officials took part.

Ghiz and officials have refused to allow complaints against the corrupt PEI Human Rights Commission and UPEI lawyer Murray Murphy and UPEI Education Department in evidence and complaints of fraud, retaliation, banning a student from a public funded UPEI, corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission and other illegal acts that were submitted UPEI officials tell victim that Murray Murphy has given them “immunity” and it is backed by Ghiz and officials.

Victim alleges it was planned corrupted mediation where UPEI planned to have her sign gag clauses to silence and then continue to harass and proceed with their scams they were pulling.  The victim has submitted the threats of a  corrupted and planned mediation and post mediation where UPEI would refuse to comply then ban her and continue to slander and harass her.  The evidence shows that UPEI followed through on the threats made to victim in July 2011 which she documented and had authorized with signatures and dates, before submitting her complaints to the PEI Human Rights Commission.  The threats made on July 2011 were all followed through by UPEI and Murray
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