#PEI (Prince Edward Island, Canada) and #UPEI lawyer Murray Murphy Deny Female Human Rights and Continue to Abuse a Female Victim

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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#PEI (Prince Edward Island, Canada) and #UPEI lawyer Murray Murphy Deny Female Human Rights and Continue to Abuse a Female Victim

#PEI and #UPEI Lawyer, Murray Murphy, with UPEI Nursing Dean brought abused female victim, traumatized from abuse and threats, suffering PTSD, into another abusive and corrupted PEI system, the PEI Human Rights Commission mediation process. While UPEI and PEI Human Rights Commission mediator, Buell (secretary and acting as a lawyer) breached all the clauses in the Human Rights mediation contract so the victim could be harassed and further violated for 5 months. After threats, verbal abuse, and multiple complaints of this to the head of the commission, the violations continued. UPEI then signs contract with victim; them immediately breaches and refuses to comply. According to UPEI officials, Murphy directed them to breach the contract and refuse to comply. The victim was then banned access to the campus. The victim’s thesis advisor was cut off while the victim tried to work off campus due to the banning. Ghiz and PEI aware and complaints made. Ghiz approved and supported the entire corrupted PEI human rights commission mediation and the continued abuse of a female student who they have BANNED ACCESS to a public funded UPEI. UPEI received approx. 10 million from Ghiz via FEDS in TRANSFER funds from the Canadian taxpayers. To be funded publically, PEI and UPEI ‘s banning of the victim would mean a female has been prevented access to public education- (Maybe a first in Canada) AND violated funding policies as UPEI cannot receive public funding when they ban public acces
UPEI and PEI, Prince Edward Island, Canada

  1. Al Beano , attorney ,not at law says:

    Lawyers in PEI drag out every case as long as possible, chasing down every irrelevant avenue delaying the process and maximizing the fees. Those assholes down there call themselves officers of the court? They charge Wall street rates for back woods ass kissers in the political parties sapping transfer payments from Canada.

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