#PEI #Ghiz and Government would require their corruption and abuses, including violations of human rights laws and contracts, to be given approval by Federal Liberal party.

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#PEI #Ghiz and Government require their corruption and abuses, including violations of human rights laws and contracts to be given approval by Federal Liberal party.

#UPEI #PEI Canada: UPEI run and funded by #PEI #Liberals #Ghiz and PEI Government. (FEDERAL government provides the Ghiz government with millions; 10 million went to UPEI last year from the FEds via Ghiz to UPEI)

#UPEI officials stated that they were given “legal immunity” from all illegal actions, including their refusal to comply with a mediated human rights contract signed with a female victim (female student who made human rights complaints against UPEI) and “Human Rights” laws and other laws, such as laws regarding fraud.

According to the #UPEI VP of Academics and Registrar, along with others who were instructed, they claim, by Murray Murphy, to breach and refuse to comply with a contract and laws, claim they were given this ‘special’ immunity by their UPEI lawyer and this “immunity” was supported by the PEI Ghiz Liberal regime.

#UPEI lawyer, is a member of the “PEI Law Society”, Murray Murphy, and is supported by the #PEI #Ghiz #government The immunity, according to officials who told the victim, that their abuses and ILLEGAL acts/actions would continue and they (UPEI) are knowingly, and with purpose, are illegally refusing to comply to a signed contract to cause further harm and damage to a known female victim.

When the victim put in formal complaints to the #PEI Government, as per rules,/laws, the PEI government stalled, ignored, and then refused to comply to allow the investigations. #GHIZ #Sherry (Minister of Justice) and #MacIsaac (Minister of Education) have stalled, ignored, stopped and then claimed that they were investigating the victim’s formal complaints, for the past year and half.
Beginning of Nov 2013, Victim confronted Sherry, in public, regarding her formal complaints against #UPEI, and #UPEI #PEI lawyer Murray Murphy. Sherry stated that the victims complaints were being investigated now by an “unnamed” official in the Justice Dept who would contact victim in 2 weeks. Victim did not hear and emailed Ghiz, Sherry and MacIsaac to get update on her alleged complaints, including #UPEI admitting to the fraudulent documents they had circulating. Those are in reference to documents that the victim did not sign or write but had her signature on various forms of the documents that were circulating from UPEI, with evidence showing that UPEI Turnbull (now demoted and gone from UPEI to take job elsewhere with Ghiz’s help) and Murray Murphy were submitting them to and circulating them. Documents that the police stated needed to go through a government investigation, due to it being alleged fraud without exchange of money (police only investigate fraud with exchange of money) in order for any charges to be laid. Nov 27, 2013 (3 weeks after Sherry claims, in public, that formal complaints , against UPEI and Murray Murphy, were being investigated), Ghiz and Sherry honor Murray Murphy with a “QC” Title.
#PEI #UPEI #Corruption #Abuses #rights #education #universities #government
#Ghiz run corrupted #PEI “Human Rights Commission”,
#Ghiz run corrupted #UPEI

  1. Frank Lee says:

    Trudeau has hooked up with all the left overs from the Liberal collapse, the same thieves and crooks of the PNP, the same deadbeats financed by patronage for a living. Trudeau better clean up his troops. PEI is rancid with corruption and Liberals are all in it.

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