#PEI “Human Rights Commission” Corruption and Abuses: #PEI Ghiz, Officials, #UPEI and “Murray Murphy” Corrupted Collusion, Leads to Human Rights Violations and ABUSES

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As #UPEI had threatened victim, several times, the #PEI Human Rights Commission was corrupt to the core, where it was run by “Murray Murphy” with the approval and collaboration of the PEI Government, #Ghiz, HRC, and Officials.

#UPEI and #Ghiz, #PEI Officials had corrupted the “PEI Human Rights Commission”, where no rules were followed, UPEI brought victim into mediation to brutally abuse her, violate her rights, refused to follow laws or rules, harassed her horridly, and the victim, who was threatened so much and bullied to extremes, she now suffered from PTSD was once again threatened mercilessly, in yet again, another corrupt and abusive process.

The victim had to hire a lawyer, twice, during mediation (that dragged on for 5 months) to stop Murphy, Buell (sec’t) and Herbert (prof) from legally attacking her, when she did not have a lawyer, with made up laws and other unethical acts.

After traumatizing a victim, that both UPEI and PEI Human Rights Commission, knew had PTSD, Murphy yelled at victim for 15 minutes, with retaliation threats and what he , and UPEI had planned for her after mediation, and yelled threats to sign the contract while degrading and blaming the victim.

All threats were followed through, even though the victim signed the contract, to stop Murphy from following through with his threats. These were the same threats that were explicitly detailed to the victim , July 2011. The victim documented the threats and had them signed and dated, as the threats were extreme and, at the time, seemed bizarre.

4 months later, Nov 2011, the victim placed her complaints against UPEI at the “PEI human rights commission”, for, yet again, another brutal corrupted process.

The mediation was, as was threatened, against rules, and laws. #UPEI and Buell, acting as a mediator, playing lawyer, followed no rules and refused to comply with the rules from the mediation contract. It was reported to the Head of Human Rights, Howard, without any results

After #UPEI signed the contract, #UPEI, “Murray Murphy”, (UPEI lawyer); and “Rosemary Herbert”, (UPEI Nursing Faculty) refused to comply with the contract they signed and all the threats that UPEI placed on victim in July 2011 (4 months before she placed her complaints with the HRC) were followed through. After Murray Murphy threatened victim to sign the contract in mediation, the victim did. After signing, Murphy laughed and told victim he would not follow the contract and it would not work out well for her. And, sure enough, he refused to comply to contract and rules, had UPEi refuse, and things did NOT work out well. The victim continues to suffer losses and injuries for past year and half and is ongoing.

The victim was brutally harassed, was denied rights, #UPEI had retaliated the way Murray Murphy yelled he would, during last day of mediation, April 2012. The victim was faced with another onslaught of being brutally slandered, with Murphy and Herbert refusing her access to the public funded UPEI; Turnbull and Murphy circulated fraudulent apology letters and submitted some to the STLHE to cover a scam UPEI/PEI pulled on them, according to VP of Academics.

UPEI refused to stop circulating the known fraud documents that the victim did not write or sign; UPEI refused to comply to the contract and refused to comply to human rights laws and other laws.

UPEI Registrar refused to stop producing fraudulent transcripts with libelous and false statements on them. The Registrar stated that she was aware of her actions being illegal, causing the victim further losses and trauma but she was being directed by “Murray Murphy” and had been given immunity, like all the others who were involved with breaking the laws, refusing to comply to a contract etc., Immunity from any accountability, for their inhumane treatment, and illegal actions.

Both VP Academics and Registrar claim that Murphy gave all those involved at UPEI and PEI Human Rights Commission , immunity with Ghiz and officials endorsement and support to prevent any investigations to be done that would be required for charges to be laid.

In Nov 2013, the victim confronted Sherry, in public, regarding all the formal complaints that were being stalled and stopped, ignored, including the alleged criminal actions regarding corrupting the HRC process, fraudulent documents and known fraud being circulated and refusing to stop; refusing to comply with human rights contracts and laws, threats to victim, threats of retaliation followed through, an abusive mediation with corrupted mediator acting as a lawyer and refusing to comply with rules; being banned access to a public funded UPEI…..the list is endless

Although Sherry promised victim, the complaints were being investigated, they were aware of her being banned access, the threats followed through, the fraud, and would hear from unnamed person in the Justice Dept for an interview to pass in further evidence etc. The victim did not receive a meeting, with the unnamed investigator, as Sherry had promised. Actually, Sherry refused to answer victim regarding this meeting Sherry promised with ‘unnamed investigator’.

Instead, it was announced that Ghiz and Sherry had honored Murray Murphy with a “QC” Title. Giving him such a title, when there are formal complaints, including criminal complaints against him, that Sherry proclaimed were being investigated and taken seriously. Officials at PEI maintain they refuse to comply with contracts, laws, withdraw known fraud, stop producing fraud and libelous transcripts, lift the banning of her accessing the campus. and so on..
Immunity, indeed.
Illegal, indeed
Corrupted, indeed
INHUMANE, BARBARIC brutal horrific treatment of another human being, indeed
Breaches of trust and office, indeed
Fraud, indeed
Human rights violations, indeed
Abusing a victim , for 4 years, remains ongoing –SHAME SHAME SHAME, indeed
Victim holding all those responsible, indeed

There are crimes against other humans that are so horrific, they can be considered EVIL. This case is one such crime. Regardless of the cover-ups and slander, the victim’s abusive story will be told and the horrid, inhumane, barbaric treatment she endured since 2010- ongoing , from inhumane brutes, in a lawless society, in other words, uncivilized PEI.


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