#PEI, #Ghiz Officials, #UPEI, #Murray Murphy Pull Big #SCAM then Cover-up on #STLHE

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#PEI, #Ghiz Officials, #UPEI, #Murray Murphy Pull Big #SCAM then Cover-up on #STLHE

Jan 2011- Big Scam planned on STLHE. Student refused to sign gag clauses about the scam as UPEI stated they would NOT stop the scam, and other abuses and violations.

May 2011- Student victim of abuse, was then threatened again, by UPEI, if she did not sign gag clause from president of UPEI regarding the scam on STLHE and other abuses, fraud she had reported. Former President threatened student, with witnesses present, that UPEI, PEI had planned a corrupted Human Rights process if she did NOT sign his gag clauses regarding criminal acts and abuses, female targeting scam, violations of rights, alleged fraud, and so on Former President stated UPEI ran PEI Human Rights Commission to ensure NOTHING would be done to stop the abuses of females and to COVER-UP all the wrong doing and abuses, fraud, scams.
Student refused and walked out

July 2011- UPEI threatens student with exact details of harm and a corrupted processes, losses, violations, abuses, she would endure if she submitted her sexual harassment complaints against UPEI and revealed the scam on STLHE, Fraud, abuses of females, targeting of females and a horrid list of abuses and illegal acts.
Student documented all the threats of further damages and harm that she was going to endure, according to UPEI’s threatened corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission. Threats included total corruption, violation of rights, blatant abuses, human rights violations by PEI HRC office. Threats were sealed, according to UPEI, by Ghiz officials who were aware that Howard and Murray Murphy had worked out details of the corrupted and abusive process.
Warning/threat to student that she was told came from Ghiz, PEI Officials, UPEI: If she proceeded to stop the abuses, damages to her, if she reported the scams, fraud, that they would violate her rights, increase the abuses and she would suffer huge losses and damages– the scam on STLHE would not be revealed–if she attempted to mention the scam that UPEI/PEI pulled they had a cover-up plan.
ALL THREATS WERE documented with signatures and date -July 2011.
4 months later, Victim put in her complaints- All threats followed through.
After mediation and abuses she endured, threats, – Victim signed contract -May 2012
May 2012- Threats of further retaliation and all threats from July 2011 were followed through; Cover up about scam with STLHE continued, fraudulent documents sent to them by Turnbull and Murphy. UPEI officials stated to victim that they would not withdraw the fraud that contained her signature, that she did not write or sign, because UPEI and PEI needed to cover up the scam as they did not want a lawsuit from the powerful STLHE.

Turnbull was demoted in Sept 2013 but Ghiz planned help getting Turnbull on at Bishop’s before the big demotion.
UPEI refused to stop circulating fraud, continued to refuse to comply with laws, signed contract to further violate and harass, brutally abuse a female victim.

Horrid abuses and scams from a so-called university and government officials.

Ghiz, UPEI, PEI , Murray Murphy are non-compliant to a legal contract, refuse to follow laws, policies, and have illegally banned the victim access, admitted to this and other violations. UPEI stated they were aware of their illegal acts, and continued abuses, including circulating known fraud, but claimed everyone involved in illegal acts were given “immunity” for their illegal acts and horrid abuses of a female victim. This so called “immunity” according to officials at UPEI, Canada was given by Murray Murphy, and supported and backed by Ghiz, PEI Government officials.

For past year and half, Ghiz and PEI officials have stalled and refused to answer regarding formal investigations and evidence submitted to Ministers of Justice, Education, Premier to conduct necessary investigations, according to Police, in order to stop the violations, abuses, and have charges brought against those who broke laws to further and inhumanely abuse a victim who had been so traumatized that she suffered from PTSD
Be safe, stay away from PEI, UPEI
PEI, UPEI do NOT comply to laws or contracts
PEI, UPEI corrupt to core
PEI, UPEI violate and abuse female students


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