#PEI, #Ghiz, #UPEI: 1st in Canada to Illegally DENY FEMALE access to public education when UPEI refuses to comply to laws, contract, human rights laws. SHAME ON PEI, SHAME ON CANADA!

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#PEI, #Ghiz, #UPEI: 1st in Canada to Illegally DENY FEMALE access to public education when UPEI refuses to comply to laws, contract, human rights laws. SHAME ON PEI, SHAME ON CANADA!

#PEI Ghiz and Officials, PEI Minister of Justice, Janice Sherry, PEI Minister of Education, MacIsaac, are in breach of and have refused to comply with a mediated Human Rights Contract that UPEI signed with victim of abuse from #UPEI, then refused to comply to the contract or basic human rights laws. UPEI, Murray Murphy, continued to abuse female, illegally deny her access to UPEI, and were involved in circulating fraudulent documents, writing libelous statements on fraudulent documents and numerous other illegal acts.

Ghiz, Sherry and MacIssac breached their trust and office duty when victim made formal complaints and the corrupt Ghiz government continued to allow UPEI and Murray Murphy to refuse to comply to laws and contracts.

Ghiz knowingly gave UPEI 10 million, from taxpayers funds, via Fed transfer payments, last year alone while knowing and approved of UPEI’s illegal banning access to a student. As such, UPEI would NOT qualify for public funding.

The PEI government and Ghiz Reign of terror has led to abusive violations, placing PEI as the 1st Canadian province to refuse to comply to UN agreement with Canada, 1st to deny a female access to education, 1st to knowingly allow a female victim to suffer further abuses and losses as they promote the abuses of female students at UPEI.

The PEI/ UPEI gang were also involved in scamming and covering up a scam that they planned on STLHE, where they got disgraced professors involved in bullying female abused victims off campus when they made complaints of the targeting of female student scam that has been going on, at UPEI, for years. The officials at UPEI stated that they refused to comply with laws, contracts, refused to withdraw fraudulent documents as they still needed them to cover-up the scam that was pulled on STLHE and were caught. According to officials at UPEI, all those involved in criminal acts, and further abuses of females have been given ‘immunity’ to all crimes from Murray Murphy and with Ghiz and officials approval and support.

PEI is a DISGRACE to Canada
PEI is a DISGRACE to all civilizations

Perverted predators preying and abusing female students at UPEI.

Ghiz, officials, UPEI, and a bragged about abusive and corrupted PEI Human rights commission need to be held accountable for their abuses, violations of laws, and continuing to abuse and violate female students.

A HORROR NIGHTMARE to live among predators, thieves, sexual deviants, thieves and criminals who refuse to comply with laws AKA UPEI academics and GHIZ and Officials

A reign of terror-

May the “diet virus” get all the deviant predators on PEI. And good luck with that “diet virus” Ghiz and close buddy friends….funny eh?


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