#PEI Premier Ghiz and #PEI Minister of Health, Currie’s Big $85,000 “Perscription Study” Scam #PEI, #Ghiz, #UPEI, #Liberals,

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#PEI Ghiz and officials REFUSE to comply with laws and signed contracts. They have and continue to be involved with denying an abused female her rights, violations of basic human rights, corrupting a “human rights” mediation process with the “PEI Human Rights Commission”; continuing to refuse to comply with laws and contracts to further horrifically abuse a victim, causing her severe losses and damages, and even illegally denying her access to a public funded #UPEI.  There is a history with this government and their continued breaches, violations and abuses of other human beings.

#PEI #Ghiz #Liberal Regime Continues their “Reign of Corruption and Abuses”
Doug Currie, former Education Minister, and now,  Health Minister,  has been involved in the UPEI/PEI scam on STLHE, corruption of the PEI Human Rights Commission processes, where a mediation process was corrupted to violate and silence an abused female victim (student)  (She is still being terrorized and violated by Ghiz and officials, “Murray Murphy” and UPEI).

Currie continued to lie to Islanders regarding this prescription drug study that he had paid MRSB, 85,000 to conduct. Currie and Ghiz never did receive  a study but they did gain access, to all confidential prescription records, written for the entire year,  on Islanders.

Currie gives Ghiz connected, MRSB, $85,000 to do a study on a prescription drug problem. Oddly, it was Ghiz and Currie who identified this prescription addiction problem on PEI. Such a study raised questions from the beginning; but, Currie maintained the study was being done by MRSB and the PEI government were awaiting the results.

MRSB was contacted  and claimed they received the $85,000 along with all personal, confidential prescription records written for all Islanders, for previous year.
MRSB stated they did NOT do a study, like Currie was claiming
MRSB stated they gave some of the money and all prescription records to Ghiz’s “contact person”. They knew of nothing about the study and would not be in contact with this paid person any longer. He was reporting to the Ghiz government.
“Contact person” stated he received a sizeable portion of the $85,000 and had all the prescription records.
“Contact person” claimed there never was any study.  It was a way for Ghiz and Currie  to gain access to the confidential, personal, prescription records,  written for all Islanders, the previous year.
“Contact person” claimed he studied the records and gave the records to Ghiz and officials.
Contact person was even able to accurately name prescriptions written on persons. The contact person was not a health professional and was NOT under any confidentiality agreements or rules. He openly stated personal prescription records of others.
MRSB stated they did NOT have a contract with Ghiz’s “contact person” including having him sign any confidentiality clause when they passed over all confidential prescription records to him.
This is another blatant violation of people’s personal medical information.
Typical violations from the Ghiz Regime, their non-stop, Reign of Terror, on PEI.


Could this lead to an investigation into Fraud?

Why did Ghiz and Currie want the prescription records written on all Islanders?


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