#UPEI Interim “Dean of Education” was Involved In Same Human Rights Abuses, Complaints that the Demoted UPEI Dean was Involved In: #UPEI remains Dangerous, Violating, Abusive for Females

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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#UPEI has refused to comply to a mediated contract it signed with a severely abused female victim. Abuses and violations since 2010; only to be further abused and had been denied rights during a threatened corrupted “PEI Human Rights Commission” mediation. Once contract signed, May 2012, “Murray Murphy” and #UPEI breached and refused to comply with the contract and human rights laws to further abuse the female. The abuse and violations continue with the support of Ghiz, Sherry ,and MacIsaac. The victim was also illegally banned access to the public funded UPEI.
Ghiz would have been aware that due to this banning, that he and his government supported, he would have known that UPEI did NOT qualify for the approximate 10 million UPEI received from Ghiz in taxpayers monies.

Could this be an investigation into alleged fraud?


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