#UPEI, #PEI, #Ghiz, “Murray Murphy”, #Sherry, #MacIsaac REFUSE to comply to signed Human Rights Contract and Human Rights Laws: Uncivilized Prince Edward Island and University of PEI

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#UPEI, #PEI, “PEI Law Society” member and #UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, “President of UPEI”, “UPEI Registrar”, “Rosemary Herbert”, (“UPEI Faculty of Nursing”), “UPEI Education Department”, “Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Minister of Justice”, (“Janice Sherry”); “PEI Minister of Education”, (MacIsaac), : REFUSED and Continue to REFUSE to comply with a signed human rights mediated contract and Human Rights Laws, Laws on fraud, and other laws to further violate, harass, brutally abuse a female student. A female victim of PEI and UPEI horrendous unlawful, violating, abusive, corrupt officials and processes.

#PEI and #UPEI REFUSE to comply with laws and basic human rights laws. #UPEI has illegally banned a female victim access to a public funded #UPEI.

#Ghiz, #PEI officials, and #UPEI would be aware that #UPEI did NOT qualify for public funding, last year, as they illegally banned access to a female student. #GHIZ was aware that #UPEI did not qualify for, the approximately 10 MILLION, he gave #UPEI in funding, via the FEDERAL Transfer funds to PEI. Transfer payments to PEI, from Harper Feds, is funded money paid by Canadian Taxpayers. PEI receives approximately 400-500 MILLION, each year, in transfer funds, from the Canadian Federal Government. Yet, PEI has lowest standard of living, highest unemployment, highest exit from province, poorest health systems, worst education in the country that puts it on a 3rd world country level, when compared with international scores, a known poverty problem, where 1 in 4 children go hungry. Where is the money going?
PEI has become a 2 class system under the Ghiz Liberals: the multi-millionaires and a working poor class.

#UPEI, #PEI, #Ghiz are, also, in breach of the #UN agreement that they signed with Canada as PEI and UPEI refuse to comply with the basic UN Human Rights Declaration/ laws. UPEI officials stated to victim, that UPEI and “PEI Human Rights Commission” officials were given ‘immunity’ from “Murray Murphy” and #Ghiz, “PEI Government” officials for all illegal acts and violations of human rights laws.

According to UPEI Officials, UPEI and others were directed by “Murray Murphy”, with support of Ghiz and PEI officials, to continue to violate laws and refuse to comply to contracts, while they knowingly continued to abuse and deny, a female victim, basic human rights.

#UPEI and #PEI continue to knowingly and admittedly break laws and illegally ban a female victim access to public funded #UPEI. This maybe a first in Canada. In Feb 2013, UPEI also became a first known Canadian university, to have a President, “President of UPEI”, to have 2 complaints of Sexual harassment placed against him, while he was in breach and non-compliance of an earlier, signed contract that UPEI and a victim had signed, in a “PEI Human Rights Commission” mediation. The victim’s contract was to settle extreme abuse and sexual harassment from 2010-2011. The violations against this female continues and has been escalated by UPEI and PEI.


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