#UPEI, #PEI, #Ghiz, #PEI Human Rights: CORRUPTED and PROMOTES the ABUSE of FEMALE STUDENTS, so yells, “Murray Murphy”, QC

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Victim of #UPEI abuses and #PEI Corrupted offices, officials since 2010, endured corrupted mediation for 5 months at PEI human rights commission, then after signing contract, UPEI and Murray Murphy, with Ghiz’s approval REFUSED TO COMPLY WITH contract and REFUSED TO COMPLY WITH HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS and other LAWS. According to UPEI officials, UPEI and PEI does NOT COMPLY to LAWS or Signed CONTRACTS!!!!!

Victim was verbally abused and threatened in a abusive, violating corrupted “PEI Human Rights” mediation process.

In one of “Murray Murphy”‘s temper tantrum and rages at the victim, where the so called “Human Rights” mediator, allowed victim to be verbally abused by Murphy, Murphy describes why UPEI will never stop the abuses of females and the corrupted collusion of UPEI, Ghiz PEI officials and the corrupted PEI Human rights commission. The mediator, Buell, is a sec’t, but, now, acted as a lawyer, who cited laws that were non-existent and just outrageous while making up cases that made no sense. Buell was not the only layperson who played lawyer. UPEI lawyer, Murray Murphy’s sidekick, Rosemary Herbert, UPEI and PEI Nurse, played lawyer as well. She would write her versions of laws and made up cases on Murphy’s legal office’s email. The victim had to hire a lawyer to tell Herbert and Buell that it was illegal to practice law without a licence and to stop quoting laws that did not exist and bizarre, insane interpretations of laws. Herbert was also told that her statements regarding laws were actually illegal and there were laws that stopped her versions of laws. Murray Murphy also legally attacked victim when she did not have a lawyer. Murphy oversaw Buell and Herbert’s layperson’s legal attacks on the victim. (Herbert would be rewarded for such a great abusive job, she did while abusing a traumatized victim, with PTSD. Murphy assisted Herbert to become Dean of Nursing, after her corruted, horrid role in the further abuse of a female victim)

July 2011- 4 months before victim placed her complaint, Howard and Murray Murphy, had decided to put Buell, in as mediator, so she could break rules and never be held accountable to a law society for the abusive damage she would cause victim. (what a horrid group of inhumane, barbaric, uncivilized predators!!!!!!)

UPEI’s lawyer’s, “Murray Murphy”, yelled that UPEI would NOT BE stopping the Abuses of Females simply because the PEI human rights commission (thanks to Ghiz and corrupted folks at the HRC and Ministry of Justice) ensured that UPEI never had to pay for damages.

UPEI, Murray Murphy, yelled that the PEI Human Rights commission fixed the mediations so the victim would never get, REGARDLESS of damages, anymore than what the Insurance company paid. Thus, while an insurance company (the University’s insurance company) was paying for some deviant professors”, sick, perverted, abuses of power at UPEI, then UPEI was not going to stop it. The deviant professors were “permitted” to abuse female students and were knowingly permitted to abuse females, because PEI Human Rights commission ensured that UPEI never paid for damages, A special thanks to corrupted, deviant predators that infest UPEI, PEI government, Ghiz, Murray Murphy and the good ol’ PEI Human Rights commission. (Sick, perverted predators especially sickening since they violate the rights of females while pretending to be representing something they destroy)

Although, all good news for the predators, who play on UPEI’s playground, one would think that UPEI’s insurance company would not be pleased to hear that PEI Human Rights and UPEI were colluding to ensure that the insurance company paid for the promotion of the deviant predators’ abuse of females.

Gee, sounds like another cover-up for the Ghiz gang, Murphy, and the 5th floor stooges.


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