#PEI Officials, #Ghiz and #UPEI’s Dirty Secrets of Mass Deviance, Abuses of Females, Human Rights Violations, Scams, Fraud, and total Corruption will Remain Secrets with Murray Murphy’s Gag clauses and “Murphy’s Immunity”….or will they?

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#PEI Premier #Ghiz , #PEI, #UPEI has had a multitude of human rights violations, breaches in contracts, agreements, breaking laws, rules and policies. #PEI and #UPEI are notorious for sleazy scams, albeit high paying scams, to pocket millions for the greedy and corrupted who have power and office on #PEI and #UPEI. They scored 500 million scamming immigrants, selling them Canadian passports. This scam was shut down by the Federal government.

UPEI, is a zest pool of deviants and predators, where they have made UPEI their playground as they are rewarded and protected and can destroy and silence their victims in any deviant means possible. Massive fraud, unethical and illegal acts infests this campus. Their Ivory Tower crashed long ago.

UPEI has also been a source of fast cash for those in office and power, as well as, a way to put friends and family on the UPEI payroll. In Jan 2013, for example, as UPEI claims they need to do layoffs and cutbacks, due to deficits, Ghiz’s mother is put on the payroll.

In addition to the Transfer funds that Ghiz provides UPEI , via transfer payments to PEI government from the Federal government, the grants from the Feds are also a welcome addition for the greedy and sleazy. Murphy has also morphed some highly lucrative grants from ACOA, via Shea and Harper, for some generous payment needed for silencing and pay offs for the unethical greedy academics.

#UPEI has had an abundance of human rights violations made against them, including several sexual harassment complaints against the “UPEI President”. The Egyptian “UPEI President” is a close friend and travel companion of Ghiz, as well as, a business associate.

#UPEI and “Murray Murphy” claim they will NOT COMPLY to Human Rights Laws and will NOT comply to mediated settlements with victims. The female victim, in one case, continues to be denied rights and access to a public funded UPEI. The mediated contract was immediately breached by UPEI and UPEI has refused to comply. As UPEI pulled this, Murray Murphy threatened victim with lawsuits if she were ever to breach any of the gag clauses in the breached contract.

This was a planned corrupted and abusive process; breaches in trust and duty with mass violation of rights for the victim. (The threats to the victim, some being very specific, on July 2011 show the collusion and plan of corruption and further violations from Nov 2011- May 2012; then May 2012 -present)

Ghiz and “PEI Minister of Education” and “PEI Minister of Justice” are backing the continued and known abuse of female students on UPEI, the corruption at UPEI, as well as, the corrupted “PEI Human Rights Commission”. Ghiz and officials are also supporting and backing fraudulent documents being circulated and submitted to cover up their scam on the STLHE, the banning of a female victim to the public funded UPEI, and following through on threats by both UPEI and PEI that they would destroy both the victim’s academic and personal reputations, with evidence of Murphy and UPEI producing fraudulent apology letters from the victim and cutting off her thesis advisor and all contact that she needed to complete her thesis. The Registrar continues to write false and libelous statements on her transcript since May 2012. For example, UPEI refused to comply with contract and banned her from UPEI so she could not complete her thesis. When UPEI refused the victim access to UPEI, her thesis advisor and her worked off campus so the victim could complete her thesis. When Murphy learned of this, he cut off her thesis advisor. When the thesis advisor refused citing she did not take orders from Murray Murphy, only her boss, the VP of Academics; Murray Murphy had the VP of Academics cut her thesis advisor. The VP of Academics admitted to this, admitted to the libel on the transcript and the fraud documents and refusing to withdraw the fraudulent documents and apology letters, as per Murphy’s direction, and not worrying about any repercussions, for his illegal acts, due to his claim of receiving “Murphy’s immunity” too. The inhumanity of such actions are not covered by any such immunity and shows the character, or rather, lack of and immoral backbone of those who run UPEI.

The Ghiz run “PEI Human Rights Commission” ensures that anyone making complaints against #UPEI will only receive the cost of damages that will be paid for by their insurance company. PEI Human Rights Commission and UPEI have colluded to ensure that the damages never exceed 50,000 so that the sexual deviants and predators can continue their abuses and no victim gets their hands on damages owing them, while the UPEI Insurance Company picks up the entire tab. Murphy always threatens his unethical but practiced “litigation fatigue and financial loss” strategy, on any victim, that takes him and/or UPEI to court to collect damages. Murphy is also paid via the funding from transfer funds, from the Canadian taxpayers to Ghiz, in the form of transfer payments.

Murphy and UPEI are also infamous for hiding illegal acts, all criminal acts, brutal abuses and threats in their gag clauses that they threaten victims to sign. This also includes the false statements and false documents that a dean, professors will give to police if the victim makes a police complaint and they are about to charge the professor.

The UPEI Insurance company is under the delusion that UPEI is following through on their part of their contract, where they are to discourage harassment and discrimination so that the insurance company does not have to keep paying out for the same sorts of damages. The PEI Human Rights Commission writes a bogus yearly report and UPEI, on record, can show made up talks etc discouraging abuses of power, and sexual harassment. In reality, those who abuse their power are rewarded and protected. They also are given the encouragement to continue their predator ways. UPEI’s insurance company would be surprised to learn that these predators, that the insurance company had to pay their victims, were then followed up by UPEI promoting them or rewarding them in some sort of way. UPEI cheering on and holding deviants and abusers high on a pedestal.

Basic tips for those who have been targeted:
1. UPEI’s only concern is to silence and destroy those targets, the victims
2. UPEI does not follow any policy or laws, for that matter
3. UPEI fair treatment advocate is a hand picked Ghiz person who works to protect the abusers and predators. Skip her. If you want to access this office, then do not sign anything or give your SIN, Drivers licence etc. Patsy MacLean, the previous fair treatment advocate, would try to trick abused females in signing a paper that was Not what she stated it was, rather it was a gag clause. MacLean also would get victims SIN and do illegal background police checks to see if there was anything that they could find to try to blackmail the victims.

4, if no blackmail, the victim will be subjected to mass slander and bullying tactics

5. Once a victim makes a complaint known, do NOT step on campus without a witness. The threat is that the victim will be falsely accused. When one victim refused to sign the former UPEI President’s contract and gag clauses, she received an email from him approximately 3 hours later where he accused her of leaving the meeting and going to the Education Dept to attack one of the professors who was in her complaint and, as such, he was expelling her.

The victim had taken the threat that she would be falsely accused seriously, in 2010, and had never stepped foot on campus without a strong witness with her at all times. As such, in May-June 2011, the victim always had a well respected witness with her. The female emailed the President to inform him, that due to her being threatened of false accusations being made against her, she had never been on campus alone. When leaving the office, she went with her official witness, who went directly off campus with her and never went near the Educaiton Department and never attacked the person who made such claims. The victim reminded the former president that his accusations were false and slanderous. That is the typical type of corrupt actions that a victim is exposed to at UPEI.

6. Do not access the PEI Human Rights Commission as there has been a paid guy hired to alert UPEI of any females making complaints against UPEI. He will inform UPEI and they will set their bully gang on the victim.
7. Access all info from online. Hire a lawyer to accompany you to the PEI Human Rights Commission to drop off your complaint and have the lawyer pre=arrange a statement with a newspaper as it is vital that there is a statement that a female has made complaints against whomever so that UPEI cannot slander the victim and say the abuser has made complaints against the victim. (That is the strategy used by 2 females and lawyers who made complaints against the UPEI president and how they got around the paid target guy at the PEI Human Rights Commission and he prevented UPEI from slandering the victim once the complaints were made)

Going to the PEI Human Rights Commission. It is totally corrupted. NEVER accept Lorraine Buell as a mediator under any circumstance. It is a huge set up that will guarantee every unethical and illegal act to be pulled.

Hire an off island lawyer, if case is serious, as on island lawyers protect UPEI and are as ethical as the predators at UPEI. It will be well worth it in the end, as the PEI lawyers will rip you off in charges and will give you poor results as they all have, in some way, a vested interest in UPEI.
And good luck.


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