#PEI “Premier Ghiz” and PEI Minister of Health, Doug Currie, Scam Plan to Pay $85,000 for a Bogus Study Just to Get Access to Confidential Perscription Records Written on Prince Edward Island, Canada

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#PEI Premier Ghiz and #PEI Minister of Health, Doug Currie, pays $85,000, from taxpayers’ money, to pretend that they want to study, an unknown problem, until now, the prescription addiction problem on PEI. The “Prescription Addiction Study” Scam, was well known to insiders and those on the payroll, to go along and promote such a bogus study, for a way, for Ghiz to get access to the prescription records, that were written, last year, on the Island.

This unusual demand, for all prescription records was followed through , by the “PEI Minister of Health, Doug Currie. This ‘study’ was announced, after months of Ghiz remaining out of the public eye and rumors of his being quite ill.

When Ghiz did appear in public, it was a frightening sight, more so, than usual, as he was almost unrecognizable. Ghiz appeared to be emaciated, sickly and gaunt, just wasting away. His bones could be seen in his face and body. The Ghiz PR team and Ghiz, himself, cited his mass weight loss and gaunt appearance as being the result of a special healthy diet he put himself on.

“PEI Minister of Heath” gave $85,000, to MRSB, for a study on prescription addiction, on the island. MRSB claim they received the money but gave some of that money and all prescription records to Ghiz’s contact person. MRSB claimed that once they passed some of the money and prescription records over to the ‘contact man’, they would not be having anything more to do with the study or the ‘contact man’.

The ‘contact man’ stated there never was any study. Like all researchers would know, and had researchers questioning such a study: How could anyone even do such a study with the information they had, even if there was a prescription addiction, on the island. The bogus study was an inside joke and it truly was unbelievable that the paid off promoters of such a study could actually get away with promoting such an impossible study. The ‘Contact person, who also got a piece of the $85,000 pie, was paid to get and give the personal, confidential prescription records to Ghiz, Currie, and PEI officials.

WHY DID GHIZ and CURRIE want the personal prescription records, written for all islanders, last year?
Could this be a case for a fraud investigation? Money for no study.
Did everyone declare the income they received when they received portions of the 85,000?
How can Ghiz give 85,000, for a study, that is never or was never intended on ever being done?
When reporters learn of this, it is dropped, funny eh?

When the public learns of this, it is dropped.

These kinds of abuses will only continue to get worse, and while Ghiz and gang continue to get away with such things, they will only continue to get worse. There will be less and less money for what the money was intended for: health, education, jobs. All such things that have continuously declined in the Ghiz reign of terror and corruption.

All of these acts, will eventually, be the ultimate downfall of a society gone bad and corrupt. Ghiz’s ‘Reign of Terror and Abuses’ will be written about and will be an embarrassment, for those who participated, as well as, the silent bystanders, in years to come.

History has a way of outing the tyrants, abusers, corrupted. History also has a way of showing those who faced public persecution and unimaginable humiliation and harm, while refusing to crawl in the gutters, with those who were offered cash, to destroy other human beings. Money cannot buy ethics, and a good character.

For those who blindly believe, that it will never be outed or made publically known, of their participation in and/or their remaining silent in regards to blatant corruption and inhumane abuses of other human beings, are blindly ignorant. Those who were, and are, being paid off for their participation in and/or for their silences will be shown, and will also be named, as those, who helped perpetuate the corruption and abuses.

IF not for those people, this massive corruption and abuses, that infests PEI, would have never happened. Ghiz and gang would never have been able to/ and continue to, do their illegal acts, pull off all the corruption and scams, as well as, their continued inhumane abuses against others, if not for the participants and silent onlookers.

Present day PEI is compared to, by many, as living a life, right out of a, ‘Stephen King’ horror novel.


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