#PEI #UPEI Refuses to Comply with Contracts & Laws Citing “Murphy’s Immunity”: Unlawful, Uncivilized, Unsafe

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As was threatened, to a victim, who, was brutally abused and then further harassed and bullied, exposed to threats and corrupted PEI and UPEI processes; the “PEI Human rights commission” was a corrupted process. The female victim was threatened in May 2011 and in July 2011 with a corrupted “PEI Human Rights Commission” process to silence the victim. The victim refused to sign an unfair contract, with the former President of UPEI, with the multitude of gag clauses that would not stop abuses and illegal behavior but rather silence victims. This was a victim, who could not be silenced by the brutal ways of the abusive President of UPEI and the paid gang of bullies on campus.

The abuses of females, sexual deviances, massive fraud, and illegal acts, have gone on for years at UPEI, due to the total corruption and deviance of those who have power at UPEI. There is a strong protection of predators, sexual deviants and those involved in illegal acts while any victim or ethical person is fired, expelled, bullied off campus and off island, exposed to horrendous violations, threats and abuses.

All supported and promoted by “Murray Murphy”, #UPEI administration, Ghiz, and Ghiz officials. #UPEI has been, thus far, able to destroy and/or silence all victims. They have a well structured bully gang who also ensures that no victim is left to tell of the horrors at UPEI and the total corruption and deviance on PEI, within the Ghiz & PEI government.

The “PEI Human Rights commission” is totally corrupted as was explained and even bragged about then threatened on victim by high UPEI officials, and from PEI Officials who sent messages to victim via UPEI threats.

Victim documented all threats, dated and with signatures, with some of the threats being very specific and detailed, 4 months before placing her complaints with the “PEI Human rights commission”, On Nov 2011. This documentation, of specific threats, that at the time seemed impossible to pull off and even ludicrous, has been submitted to show a planned corrupted mediation and further abuse and criminal acts of PEI and UPEI. Total corruption of the commission.

As warned and threatened by both UPEI and PEI, the “PEI Human rights” commission and process was totally corrupt, abusive, and violated the rights of this female victim of abuse. A victim who had been so traumatized that she had PTSD. That did not stop UPEI or the HRC to further abuse and violate her rights for another 5 months. There where no rules that were followed, the victim was brought into mediation, not in good faith, by #UPEI, lawyer, and a “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy”, along with a “UPEI Nursing Faculty” professor, (who is now the Dean of the “UPEI Nursing Department”, a reward to her for her onslaught of illegal and unethical abuse of a traumatized victim suffering PTSD and her assisting Murphy, in the post signing of a contract, with a victim, where they and UPEI refused to comply and brutally continued the abuse and rights violations against a victim of abuse).

The “PEI Human Rights” mediator was the PEI Human Rights secretary, Lorraine Buell, who Howard and Murphy (originally suggested, by Patsy MacLean, to have Buell be appointed as mediator, as she could not be reported and could get away with abusing the victim and allowing UPEI to further violate the victim’s rights and abuse her.

Meetings on how to silence and cover-up the complaints and evidence of long known and practiced (remains ongoing) female targeting scam , an assault on a female student, fraud, threats, research and grant fraud, took place: Jan-March 2011, with former UPEI president, Doug Currie, Patsy MacLean, Turnbull, Hilton, Murray Murphy)

Buell who is a secretary in the PEI human rights commission, acted as a lawyer, who refused to follow any rules or the agreement to mediate. She openly claimed she was given ‘immunity’ for HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES and illegal acts. She also reminded the victim on many occasions that she could never tell of the illegal actions of her and UPEI, their abuses due to the confidentiality clause that was in the agreement to mediate.

The Victim endured 5 months of brutal harassment, threats, verbal assaults, illegal violations of her rights in a so called “human rights” mediation. After signing contract with UPEI, UPEI, Murphy and Herbert refused to comply with the contract and even comply with Human Rights Laws.

Since May 2012, the victim continues to sustained ongoing injuries, losses and human rights violations, including being banned access from a public institution, (Ghiz, Sherry and Minister of Education, MacIsaac, approved) , fraudulent documents continuing to be circulated as the UPEI, VP of Academics ,stated that ,Murray Murphy had directed them (UPEI) to do so and gave them immunity for illegal actions.

Ghiz knowingly gave UPEI 10 million dollars, from Cnd taxpayers, via transfer funds, while knowing that UPEI did not qualify for taxpayer funds since they had banned a victim access to UPEI since May 2012.

Since 2010, this female victim has endured corrupted processes, threats, and continuous losses. Ghiz and corrupted PEI officials have stalled, haulted and refused to respond to the multitude of formal complaints made , including the police stated investigation needed on the known and admitted, fraud documents that UPEI has refused to stop circulating, due to Murphy’s direction and protection under a questionable “Murphy’s immunity” that all those involved, are hiding behind.

According to UPEI officials, Murphy gave them immunity, as well, to continue to violate rules, laws, refuse to comply to contracts, produce fraud transcripts, fraud apology letters, and ban the victim from accessing a public school funded by taxpayers.

UPEI stated they would continue to refuse to comply with laws and signed contracts with victims although they were well aware of their actions as being illegal, and knowing that their actions were also causing further losses and suffering to the victim. Regardless of legal accountability, the actions are inhumane and highly unethical.

where Deviant Predators and all criminal acts are protected.

The ethical, law-biding, and non-sexual deviants are destroyed.

Prince Edward Island is run by the Ghiz tyrants who have supported the very unethical and abusive, unlawful, Murray Murphy.

Sherry, PEI Minister of Justice, was confronted by the victim, at the beginning of Nov 2013, after Sherry’s public speaking engagement, in regards to her non-responses, to the victim’s requests of updates on her submitted formal complaints.

Some complaints, include the police recommendation of alleged fraud by Murray Murphy. Sherry claimed that she, Ghiz, and MacIsaac were familiar with her complaints and evidence showing threats, corrupted human rights commission, abuse of a victim and continued human rights violations, illegally banning a victim from the public funded UPEI, the continued fraud, fraud documents, harassment and abuses from UPEI, Murray Murphy.

Sherry stated that an “unnamed” official, had been actively working on all of her complaints, and this unnamed official, from her PEI Justice Department would contact the victim, within 2 weeks, to allow victim to give more evidence and update victim on her complaints submitted a year and half before.

When the victim did not hear from Sherry’s unnamed official, she emailed Sherry again. As usual, no response. Instead, while these complaints remain outstanding, including the alleged fraud criminal complaints against Murphy; Ghiz and Sherry honor Murray Murphy with a “QC” title on Nov 27th, 2013.

Guessing that Sherry and the boys are in need of this uncivilized “Murphy’s immunity” to protect them from all illegal acts and violations too.
And “lets see how that works out” for them.

PEI is an uncivilized group of corrupt and some well protected sexual deviants and predators. NO one with power or office follows laws, policies, rules, or has any morals or ethical stance.
They now proclaim, “Murphy’s immunity” for previous, present and ongoing illegal acts and inhumane treatment of another human being.

In such a society, there is rampant human rights violations and total corruption. A place such as UPEI and PEI is unsafe, abusive, and very dangerous.


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