University of Prince Edward Island / Sex, Scams, Scoundrals #UPEI, #PEI, #Abuses, #Corruption, #Universities,

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University of Prince Edward Island / Sex, Scams, Scoundrals #UPEI, #PEI, #Abuses, #Corruption, #Universities,

#UPEI has confirmed to a victim, who signed a mediated contract with #UPEI, after an abusive, no rule, 5 month mediation at the #PEI “Human rights” Commission, that #UPEI does NOT COMPLY TO ANY RULES OR LAWS OR CONTRACTS. #UPEI has and will continue to abuse female students, continue with their known fraud, and human rights violations. “Premier Ghiz” is backing #UPEI with their running the corrupted “PEI Human Rights Commission”. (#Ghiz and deviant predator officials are involved, which is why they are involved in corrupt cover-ups).

Sherry, “PEI Minister of Justice”, has stalled and ignored formal complaints showing a corrupted “PEI Human Rights commission”, illegal acts by UPEI and “Murray Murphy”, and fraud that #UPEI and “Murray Murphy” are circulating and refuse to stop. As well, evidence to show that threats were followed through, massive corruption and abuses in both PEI government and UPEI. This includes the big “scam” that #UPEI and #PEI officials pulled on the #STLHE and the cover up following when they were caught.

WARNING: According to UPEI officials, “UPEI VP Academics” and “UPEI Registrar”, #UPEI and #PEI will NOT comply to RULES, LEGAL CONTRACTS, Policies, Human rights laws, and/or mediated human rights contracts that they sign with victims they have abused. #PEI and #UPEI will not comply to the basic Human Rights Laws-Including the UN Declaration that Canada signed with the UN. Canada expects that all provinces, in Canada, to follow such basic “human rights laws; but, #UPEI claims that they do NOT and their decision is backed by #PEI, “Premier Ghiz” and PEI Officials. #UPEI is on record stating they do NOT comply with any of the Human rights or Human rights laws.

UPEI has a bad track record for human rights violations. The previous president told one victim, with witnesses present, that HE DID NOT BELEIVE IN HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS and should have never enacted any “human rights” as laws. He, shockingly, told a victim and horrified witnesses, while on a power tripping rant on ‘no rights for anyone, that even assaults and rapes were of a personal matter and should NEVER be brought out in a court room or have laws against such actions.

This barbaric and uncivilized idea is also backed by the UPEI lawyer “Murray Murphy” and #Ghiz and PEI Officials. The former “President of UPEI” would threaten and even try to get false charges on female victims, when they would refuse to be silent over the violence they experienced. He also pulled his tyrannical and abusive ways when he demanded victims to be silent on the blatant fraud, extreme academic fraud, abuses of power, and extreme inhumane and unethical actions of those in power at UPEI.

CAUT learned about #UPEI’s unaccountability, dysfunction, and non-transparency when #UPEI refused to cooperated with their investigations, on a multitude of complaints against UPEI, that CAUT officials were investigating.

The NDP and public learned of #UPEI’s admittance of NOT following any laws and NOT following their written policies. Instead, a reporter has #UPEI officials on record as stating that they have their “own ways of dealing with such complaints”. Victims of #UPEI, know very well, what illegal and unethical ways that #UPEI deals with complaints.

Warning: Stay away from #UPEI and #PEI. #UPEI is notorious as a ‘playground for the deviants and perverted predators’. This playground consists of a long history of a targeting female scams on their campus. Abusing female students is known and promoted at #UPEI. The predators are also highly connected to the #Ghiz and #PEI government. The predators and abusers are rewarded. The victims are destroyed. #Ghiz runs #UPEI, and, as was stated by both officials, from #UPEI and #PEI, the #Ghiz government allows #UPEI to run a very corrupted and abusive “PEI Human rights Commission” with an explanation of why they do this which would be of interest to UPEI’s insurance company. A targeting of female students has been going on, for years, and this scam and abuse of females is protected and rewarded, at UPEI, by Murray Murphy, PEI Human Rights Commission, Ghiz and Ghiz government officials.

The former dean of “UPEI Education” was demoted in Sept 2013, due to STLHE learning of the scam that UPEI had pulled, or at least some of the scam . Turnbull left the campus in Dec 2013 (with Ghiz’s help-Ghiz assisted him to get a job at Ghiz’s former college). Only to be replaced by Turnbull’s ‘right hand man’ and involved in all the complaints against the Education department, the STLHE scam and the brutal and inhumane abuse and ‘destruction’ of a female student, ongoing from 2010-present. The “UPEI Education Department” is plagued with the filth of sexual deviants and fraud. Cleaning up the filth in that department can only be achieved when they wipe out the entire department.

#UPEI, “PEI Human Rights Commission”, and #PEI officials and offices, and #PEI Ghiz Government is corrupted to the core.


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