#UPEI, #PEI, Prince Edward Island Abusing Female Students / Refuses to Comply with Human Rights Laws and Contracts

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#UPEI, #PEI, Prince Edward Island Abusing Female Students / Refuses to Comply with Human Rights Laws and Contracts

#UPEI, #PEI, #Ghiz, “Murray Murphy”, #Sherry, #MacIsaac REFUSE to comply to signed mediated “Human Rights” Contract and Human Rights Laws:
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#UPEI, #PEI, “PEI Law Society” member and #UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, “President of UPEI”, “UPEI Registrar”, “Rosemary Herbert”, (“UPEI Faculty of Nursing”), “UPEI Education Department”, “Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Minister of Justice”, (“Janice Sherry”); “PEI Minister of Education”, (MacIsaac), : REFUSED and Continue to REFUSE to comply with a signed human rights mediated contract and “Human Rights” Laws, Laws on fraud, and other laws to further violate, harass, brutally abuse a female student. Total corruption and brutal abuses of female victims at UPEI, PEI and bragged about their corrupted “PEI Human Rights Commission”

A female victim of PEI and UPEI horrendous unlawful, violating, abusive, corrupt officials and processes.

#PEI and #UPEI REFUSE to comply with laws and basic human rights laws. #UPEI has illegally banned a female victim access to a public funded #UPEI.

According to officials, “UPEI Registrar” and the “UPEI VP of Academics, representing #UPEI, “President of UPEI”, “UPEI Administration”: #UPEI has been directed by “Murray Murphy” to REFUSE to comply with their signed mediated contract and refuse to comply with laws and Human Rights Laws. According to several UPEI officials, everyone involved in illegal acts and abuses against this female traumatized victim, has been given ‘immunity’ from “Murray Murphy”, a member of the “PEI Law Society” and the PEI Government, “Premier Ghiz’ and PEI officials for all illegal acts, further abuses towards victims and a refusal to comply with laws.

UPEI has refused to stop abusing and violating a female, which included their involvement in a multitude of illegal acts and continued brutal, inhuman attacks on a severely abused female victim.

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on UPEI, PEI, GHIZ, SHERRY, MACIsaac, HERBERT, BUELL, TURNBULL, HILTON, Kielly, Lacroix, Murray Murphy, Corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission, PEI Government, PEI Liberals, PEI Advisory Council, and all those on the payroll to promote the abuse of females and those on the payroll and those given undertable $$ to be silent

PEI is, once again, a HORRID DISGRACE to CANADA and a pathetic excuse of a society, albeit, uncivilized, due to their open statements, and even bragging to victims that they ABUSE their power and will never comply to laws or contracts.
One insider says that Ghiz & PEI officials and UPEI’s extreme sexual deviance, abuses on female students, corrupt and illegal actions, have to do with, their perverted and corrupted version of the belief that “sex is power”

Well UPEI, PEI and unethical, corrupt abusers and predators, those acting and knowing they are breaking laws (with immunity) ….lets see how that works out for you.


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