Canada Status of Women: Prince Edward Island REFUSES to comply to mediated human rights contract and Human Rights Laws to futher abuse, and deny a female rights

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Canada Status of Women:  Prince Edward Island REFUSES to comply to mediated human rights contract and Human Rights Laws to futher abuse, and deny a female rights

#UPEI Targets, Abuses, Threatens, Violates, Harms, brutally destroys Female students.
#UPEI, #PEI, “PEI Law Society” member and #UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, “President of UPEI”, “UPEI Registrar”, “Rosemary Herbert”, (“UPEI Faculty of Nursing”), “UPEI Education Department”, “Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Minister of Justice”, (“Janice Sherry”); “PEI Minister of Education”, (MacIsaac), : REFUSED and Continue to REFUSE to comply with a signed “human rights” mediated contract and “Human Rights” Laws, Laws on fraud, and other laws to further violate, harass, brutally abuse a female student. A female victim of #PEI and #UPEI continues to experience horrendous unlawful, violating, abusive, corrupt officials and processes. She has been denied all rights.

The victim has contacted many to try to help her. All those in power on PEI, especially the females with power, have refused to even respond: “PEI Advisory council”, “PEI Minister of Justice”, “Status of women”, ” Equality of women”, All female politicians on PEI without any response. The victim has begun to reach outside the Island and try to get assistance for the “Canada” Status of women”, and internationally through UN agencies.

#PEI and #UPEI REFUSE to comply with laws and basic human rights laws. #UPEI has illegally banned a female victim access to a public funded #UPEI as they follow through on threats. VP OF Academics has admitted this; but, says he is being directed by “Murray Murphy” who has also given him ‘immunity’ for all illegal actions and violations against the human rights laws. He reiterated that UPEI does not comply to mediated contracts they sign and Do not comply to Human Rights Laws.

The Victim endured 5 months of brutal harassment, threats, verbal assaults, illegal violations of her rights, in a so called threatened corrupted “human rights” mediation process with the “PEI Human Rights Commission”.

After signing contract, with UPEI, they immediately refused to comply and breached the contract to continue to brutally harass an already abused female who had been traumatized since 2010-11 when diagnosed with PTSD due to the horrific abuse and violence against her.

UPEI, “Murray Murphy” and “UPEI Nursing faculty”, Herbert, refused to comply with the contract and even comply with Human Rights Laws.

Since 2010, this female victim has endured corrupted processes, threats, and continuous losses. Ghiz and corrupted PEI officials have stalled, halted and refused to respond to the multitude of formal complaints made , including the police stated investigation, needed on the known and admitted, fraud documents that UPEI has refused to stop circulating, due to Murphy’s direction and protection under a questionable “Murphy’s immunity” that all those involved, are hiding behind.

UPEI officials claim that Ghiz and PEI government officials have supported Murphy’s threat to victim to refuse to comply and brutally abuse and harass her after mediation. Murphy did follow through with threats, same threats given to victim July 2011, (and were documented), 4 months before she submitted her complaints to the corrupted “PEI Human rights Commission”

According to UPEI officials, “Murray Murphy” gave them immunity, as well, to continue to violate rules, laws, refuse to comply to contracts, produce fraud transcripts, fraud apology letters, and illegally banning the victim from accessing a public school funded by taxpayers. All corrupt and a violation of the females’ rights.

#UPEI stated they would continue to refuse to comply with laws and signed contracts with victims although they were well aware of their actions as being illegal, and knowing that their actions were also causing further losses and suffering to the victim. Regardless of legal accountability, the actions are inhumane and highly unethical. They violate basic human rights of another human being.


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