#UPEI Officials State #UPEI and #PEI does NOT Comply to Laws and/or Contracts and will Continue to Illegally Circulate Fraud, Deny a Female of Rights, Refuse to comply to a signed contract

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#UPEI Officials State #UPEI and #PEI does NOT  Comply to Laws and/or Contracts and will Continue to Illegally Circulate Fraud, Deny a Female of Rights, Refuse to comply to a signed contract

July 2011, the victim was threatened, again, to remain silent about the violence she experienced, the extreme abuses and corruption she was exposed to, including the onslaught of illegal and unethical behaviors she endured , through the corrupt #PEI and #UPEI systems.

The threats were specific and described the horrific abuses and illegal acts that would happen to her, in a bragged about corrupted, “PEI Human Rights Commission” process which was openly discussed as, totally corrupt and run by UPEI.

The victim documented all the threats, regarding all the damages and harm that was planned, if she submitted her complaints to the “PEI Human Rights Commission”. The mediation would be plagued with no one following rules; where it would be dragged out to harass and weaken her as they knew she had PTSD.

She would be suffer financial losses and there was a plan to cause her much anxiety and fear. Whether or not she signed a contract, she would never be permitted back on campus, UPEI would cut her thesis advisor so she could never finish her 2nd thesis (the first was destroyed by her thesis advisor, while a Dean and professor monitored her data collection, as she had reported the threat that he would destroy her thesis, so she could not graduate); she would be harassed and brutally bullied, no human rights laws would be followed, there would be apology letters from her to her abusers, and all those who broke laws and refused to follow the law, to harm her, would be rewarded and she could never do anything about it.

The details of the corrupted mediation had been worked out between Howard (head of the PEI HRC- now made a run for it when victim submitted evidence showing his involvement) and PEI Lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, also a member of the “PEI Law Society”. They would destroy her totally with their agreed upon mediator, Buell, who would act as a legal mediator and help UPEI wear the victim down. Such cruel and inhumane and violence against another human being. What makes this so very sick, is that they represent or supposed to represent and protect human rights. In totally corrupted societies, hypocrites are plentiful..

4 months later, the victim placed her complaints with the “PEI Human rights commission” and from Nov 2011- May 2012, the victim was severely abused and endured unimaginable corruption and illegal acts , from both UPEI and “Human rights commission” mediator, Lorraine Buell. Buell was a secretary, for the Human Rights commission, who was now a biased UPEI lawyer.

The victim was denied all rights, was slandered, verbally abused, legally attacked by Murphy and 2 laypersons when she did not have a lawyer, threatened constantly.

The victim signed the contract, May 2012, where Murphy then brags and does a verbal assault on victim, regarding how he would never follow the contract and would see to it that he destroyed her.

He followed through on threats and it was the same threats that were made on her, on July 2011, that had been documented.
After signing the contract, UPEI refused to comply to the contract or any laws, including human rights laws. Murphy also directed his (clients) to break the law. Apparently a no-no in civilized societies.

#UPEI and “Murray Murphy” produced and circulated fraudulent apology letters, (shown to be fraud and was admitted to, as being fraudulent, by UPEI officials; but, refused to withdraw them as per Murphy’s direction.)

The police claim, they were “poor quality fraud” but an investigation through the “PEI Department of Education”, was needed, before possible charges could be laid.

All formal complaints submitted to Ghiz. Sherry and MacIsaac have been stalled and ignored, for the past year and a half. They refuse to do the necessary investigations that they are required to do)

When the victim was banned access, to the campus, she worked with her thesis advisor off campus. When “Murray Murphy” learned of this, he emailed her advisor to cut her off from working with victim. Her advisor told Murphy that she only took orders from her boss, the “UPEI VP of Academics”, and would not follow any of Murphy’s directions.

The VP of Academics, claims that Murphy told him to cut the victim’s advisor, which he did.

The VP of Academics and the “UPEI Registrar” both admitted to putting libelous statements on her transcript. They explained that they were directed, by “Murray Murphy” to put that she was working on her thesis, then they would fail her, May 2014 , as there was no thesis , since he banned her access and then cut off her advisor.

The officials admitted to all illegal acts and claimed they knew that they were illegal. They also admitted that they were aware that the victim had endured 4 years of brutal harassment, mobbings, threats and corrupted processes, where she has suffered and continued to suffer huge losses, which also caused an increase in her PTSD. The officials stated that they were aware that they were breaking laws, denying her rights, not following human rights laws, and causing the victim additional pain and suffering. BUT, they claimed they had “immunity” for all illegal acts and was promised by Murphy and the PEI Ghiz government that their illegal acts and continuing to act illegally would be protected by both UPEI, Murray Murphy and the Ghiz government.

I wonder what immunity they have against being held accountable for the destruction of another human being? As Ghiz and Murphy’s immunity does not cover the acts against humanity and the ethical aspect of knowingly destroying another person due to an abuse of power and office, the total corruption on PEI.

Also, if the victim endured 4 years of torture, there is a sense of justice that needs to happen before any peacefulness can return to those who have been so brutally abused. So it is for this one victim, as she refuses to fall and continues to look for ways to hold them accountable or at least out their very deviant, and corrupt ways.

The victim has reached outside of PEI to try to hold Ghiz, Sherry and MacIsaac accountable. The victim says that she will not stop until there is justice.


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