#Ghiz, #PEI, #UPEI Abuses of Female Students and Denying Human Rights to Females

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#Ghiz, #PEI, #UPEI Abuses of Female Students and Denying Human Rights to Females

A female was threatened with details of a corrupted “human rights” process, and what UPEI and PEI would do to her if she exposed the targeting of female scam, massive fraud and all the scams, deviance and sexual predators, back in July 2011. Some of the named persons in the complaint were friends with Ghiz and officials. Ghiz and officials run UPEI. The female victim had all the threats and details of the harm she would endure, documented at the time, July 2011.

4 months later, the female put her complaints into the Commission, on November 2011. From November 2011-May 2012, the victim endured her rights being violated, a brutal, no rule mediation with Lorraine Buell acting as an unlicensed lawyer, as “PEI Human Rights” Mediator. The complaints were against the “University of Prince Edward Island”, (UPEI), with “Murray Murphy”, a “PEI Law Society” member and a “UPEI Nursing Faculty” member, Rosemary Herbert. The details of this abusive, corrupted mediation process were eerily the same, as the threats, documented on July 2011.

The threats of a corrupted mediation process where details of the colluded process, between Howard and Murphy, with the support of “Premier Ghiz” and #PEI officials, had been shockingly followed through on. Not to be outdone, however, for what was about to follow after UPEI signs the contract with the victim. Abuses, when threatened back in July 2011, were thought to be so heinous and illegal that UPEI and PEI would not follow through on. However, they did.

After the brutal, no rules mediation where the victim was verbally assaulted and threatened, and UPEI dragged out the abuses on the victim for 5 MONTHS, #UPEI threatens victim and she signs a contract with UPEI. After signing contract, “Murray Murphy” yells at victim, a verbal rampage of how he will destroy her, and how he will never follow the contract and will continue to abuse her and deny her rights to even step on the campus. Murphy threatened and verbally abused the female victim for 15 minutes, with the corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission mediator present, yelling threats of how he would destroy her personal and academic reputation. These threats were the same as the threats made to the student and documented July 2011.

After signing the contract, just as Murphy threatened, UPEI, Murphy, Herbert then breaches and refuses to comply with the signed mediated “PEI Human Rights” contract.

#UPEI and “Murray Murphy” continue to refuse to comply with the contract and continue to violate the rights of the victim, commit illegal acts like fraud, mass abuses to this female. UPEI illegally bans her from the public funded UPEI, there are forged and fraudulent documents that UPEI claims they know are fraudulent but refuse to withdraw as their lawyer, “Murray Murphy” has given everyone committing illegal acts and abuses ‘IMMUNITY’ with the support and help from “PREMIER GHIZ” and “PEI Government”.

UPEI Officials maintain that they will continue the human rights violations and destruction of the student’s academic and personal reputations as they have been given “IMMUNITY”, for all illegal acts and abuses of females, refusal to comply with a contract and violations of human rights laws. UPEI claims Murray Murphy and “Premier Ghiz” and #PEI Government Officials have given #UPEI immunity to violate and to CONTINUE to violate human rights laws and refuse to comply with laws, human rights laws, and mediated contracts with victims.

The sexual deviance, abuses of female students is protected. The female victims are re-victimized and demonized by UPEI, Murray Murphy, and Ghiz and government officials.

The evidence, from the July 2011 threats, that were documented at the time by the female, with the actual evidence of all threats being followed through from Nov 2011- present (Jan 2014) shows clearly that PEI Human rights is as corrupt as UPEI claims and it is run by Ghiz and UPEI to protect abusers and predators while silencing and re-victimizing the abused females. SHAME on PEI for their blatant abuse of female students. abuse of power, and corrupting offices.

When this evidence was submitted to an investigator at the PEI Justice Department, who later refused to continue the investigation, due to claims of not being able to investigate complaints as being appointed by the Minister of Justice to investigate the complaints was suddenly: “not within ‘the person’s’ job description”. Inner circle to Ghiz claims that Ghiz haulted all investigations and would continue to allow the human rights violations and abuses of female students to continue. Ghiz is aware of the illegal banning, the fraud, the further human rights violations of this particular female but has failed to respond to complaints, requests, for the past year and half while this female is brutally abused and violated. The female is going outside the corrupted and, deviant plagued, PEI to seek justice.

When the evidence was submitted to the Justice Department, showing Howard (Head of PEI Human Rights Commission) and UPEI with Murray Murphy’s collusion of a corrupted and abusive Human Rights process and the destruction of a female victim, afterwards, while protecting the sexual deviants and the predators of female students; Howard resigned and left country in 3 weeks (April 2013).

Turnbull was demoted from Dean of Education to professor, September 2013, when, according to UPEI official, STLHE threatened a lawsuit on UPEI for submitting fraudulent apology letters, from a victim, to protect the scam that PEI and UPEI had pulled on the STLHE, to get national awards, for those who had been named in human rights violations. Ghiz assisted Turnbull in getting another appointment at the college where Ghiz had graduated from, in another province.

While Sherry publically stated to the female victim, Nov 2013, that they were actively investigating all complaints against UPEI, PEI Human Rights Mediator, and Murray Murphy; Ghiz and Sherry honor Murphy with a QC title, Nov 27, 2013. It would appear that Ghiz, Sherry and MacIsaac are very much in need of immunity as well.

After a year and half, the female victim is still illegally banned from the UPEI public funded campus and UPEI claims they will continue with their abuses and violations against her as per Murray Murphy’s direction. “Murray Murphy” is a member of the “PEI Law Society”.

The abuses of female students, denial of human rights, and other illegal acts continues, at UPEI, with a brutal and frightening example, that UPEI and PEI have sent to all other victims, showing how they follow through with what they threaten and are very successful in the ways they demonize and destroy any female victim who dares report the corruption, sexual deviants and predators and abuses ongoing at UPEI, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


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