#PEI, #Ghiz, “PEI Human Rights Commission” and #UPEI Corruption and Abuses: 1st in Canada to Refuse to Comply to Human Rights Laws and Contracts

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized
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“University of Prince Edward Island”, (#UPEI), Prince Edward Island , Canada
University of PEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, a member of the “PEI Law Society”
Premier of PEI, Robert Ghiz

UPEI Officials maintain they have been protected and will continue to refuse to comply with Canadian laws, “Human Rights” Laws and mediated Human Rights contracts that they sign with female victims.

The #UPEI officials cite “Murphy’s Immunity” that protects them and others, regarding their acts of corruption and abuses of females, at both, the “PEI Human Rights Commission” and the “University of Prince Edward Island”.

#UPEI officials claim that UPEI and all those involved with corruption at the PEI Human Rights commission, those violating laws, breaching contracts, abusing and violating female students have been given ‘IMMUNITY’ from Murphy and the Ghiz PEI government. ‘MURPHY’s IMMUNITY’: Is that even legal?

#UPEI and, UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy” refuse to comply with a mediated Human rights contract and then continue to violate the rights of the female victim, commit illegal acts like fraud, abuses and human rights violations against this female.

#UPEI has even, illegally, banned her from accessing the public funded UPEI, there are forged and fraudulent documents that UPEI claims they know are fraudulent but refuse to withdraw and stop circulating, as their lawyer, “Murray Murphy” has given everyone committing illegal acts, human rights violations, and abuses ‘IMMUNITY’ with the support and help from “PREMIER GHIZ” and “PEI Government”.

#UPEI officials clearly stated and have maintained that #UPEI and #PEI does NOT comply with Contracts, Mediated Human Rights Contracts, Human Rights Laws or Laws in general. They are and will be protected by Murray Murphy and Ghiz with the support of the PEI Government.

UPEI has had a multitude of violations against them. Ghiz has been the headlines of many complaints of breaching and refusing to comply with contracts. PEI Human Rights Commission is a bragged about corrupted Ghiz run office set up to protect abusers and demonize female victims. Corruption has infested and taken over PEI and UPEI years ago, when they pocketed 500 Million from corrupting the PNP program and sleazed millions from immigrants. The PNP program on PEI was shut down by the Feds while PEI was shown to be corrupt, greedy, and abusive to other human beings.

There are NO HUMAN RIGHTS on PEI and ongoing complaints of abuse and human rights violations against female students remains rampant, on the tiny uncivilized island in Canada, Prince Edward Island.

There has been no response from the Federal government or Harper as Baird continues on his hypocritical mission, of finger pointing and lecturing other countries, on their human rights violations while completely ignoring the blatant human rights violations and refusal to even comply with human rights laws, in their own backyard, on the tiny province of PEI.


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