#Ghiz, #Sherry, #Murphy, #PEI & #UPEI officials: Will NOT comply to Laws or Contracts

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#Ghiz, #Sherry, #Murphy, #PEI & #UPEI officials: Will NOT comply to Laws or Contracts

#UPEI confirms to a victim, that “Murray Murphy”, #PEI, and #UPEI does NOT comply to mediated contracts and/or “Human rights” laws. “University of Prince Edward Island”, #PEI, Canada, will continue, as per Murray Murphy’s direction, refusing to comply to a mediated contract and refuse to comply to laws on fraud and “human rights”. #UPEI Officials stated they will follow the directions, albeit, illegal acts, that are instructed to them, by “Murray Murphy”, as it is all backed by Ghiz and the “PEI Government”

This is another and non-stop abuse that #UPEI, #PEI continue on this victim. A sad display of the abuse of power and abuse of a female by UPEI, Ghiz, Sherry, Murphy and others, as they merely continue to ruthlessly re-victimize this abused female, continue to violate her rights, while they refuse to comply to laws.

#UPEI officials have confirmed that the “UPEI President”, “UPEI VP Academics” and “UPEI Registrar”, will continue to break laws and refuse to comply to a contract, as per “Murray Murphy” ‘s direction. Yes, a lawyer advising his clients (#UPEI) to break the law. A Proud moment for the disgraced “PEI Premier” and his tag-a-long, Sherry, “PEI Minister of Justice” to support such a 16th century idea.

#UPEI will continue to illegally refuse to allow her access to the public funded UPEI; they had cut off her thesis advisor over a year ago, when the victim tried to work off campus, with her advisor, when she was told not to access UPEI.

According to UPEI Officials, as Murphy had threatened, he will put FAIL on her transcript, to destroy her academic record, as it would be impossible to produce a thesis when UPEI and Murphy cut off her advisor and all other things needed to complete a thesis.

It would appear that UPEI’s new motto will become doing their best to fail students and destroy their records. This action, on behalf of UPEI and Murphy, is bordering “sick” and it raises many issues and grave concerns as to the purpose of UPEI

UPEI has also refused to withdraw the admitted fraudulent documents that the victim did not write or sign, and refused to stop producing fraudulent transcripts.

Murphy, also verbally abused this victim in a threatened, corrupted mediation process where the victim showed that she had been threatened, on July 2011, with details of the corrupted mediation and what would happen afterwards. All threats were followed through when she placed her complaints into the corruptd commission, 4 months later, Nov 2011.

Considering the harm that his female has endured, along with another abusive and corrupt process, where UPEI has been refusing and denying her rights for past year and half, it is showing the underlying hatred and abuse that women are enduring on PEI. Ghiz is supporting this.

The “PEI Advisory Council” would be well advised to council the Premier and gang on the year, 2014, and human rights laws. It has been shameful what this government and others have put some people through. It is so despicable that it could only be called evil.

Along with the continued support , from “Premier Ghiz” and “Government of PEI” officials that “Murray Murphy”, a “PEI Law Society” member has given everyone “immunity” (sounds illegal) for all illegal acts that caused a female victim to be further abused, had her rights violated and continues to violate her rights, deny her access to a public funded UPEI, circulate fraud documents, produce fraudulent transcripts.

A no compliance to laws, and “immunity” to all that are directed to break laws and cause another human being losses and suffering. Sounds barbaric, cruel, and uncivilized.
Way to go Ghiz and Murphy, can you boys sink any lower?


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