Prince Edward Island, Canada – Dangerous for females as #Ghiz & #UPEI refuse to comply to laws and human rights laws.

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Prince Edward Island, Canada - Dangerous for females as #Ghiz & #UPEI refuse to comply to laws and human rights laws.

#PEI is entirely infested with corruption. The “University of Prince Edward Island”, is plagued with deviants and deviant friends of the government officials. #UPEI is completely corrupted with theft, plagiarism, research and grant fraud being rampant. #UPEI does not have, even a trace of morality and/or academics. Greed and deviance rules.

Professors are writing thesis for students, with one professor writing a thesis “on nothing” as a way to mock academics. Professors are given, 6 figures, to do studies to provide specific results. Grants are given as bribes to take part in or remain silent in the blatant corrupted scams they are involved in.

Degrees are given to those who cannot even speak English. People are graduating with Masters degrees and they are unable to read a journal article. If one is a close friend to someone in power, they get full credit for a class while, in reality, they are only auditing it. One student audited all masters courses and it was written as regular classes.

One student wrote an entire thesis, with one reference, which was wiki. There were some Masters grads who were given a journal article, that, at other universities it is a popular 1st year philosophy article, that students are required to read. These Masters grads were unable to read the article.

There is no campus more treacherous than one where stated policies and signed agreements are not followed. UPEI is one such campus. They state openly that they do not follow any of their policies. It is dangerous. If one is a female, it is treacherous. The only safety that any student has, against those who possess all the power, is within the guidelines of their policies and rules. The probable reason why they are not used.

At present, the officials are stating that they are knowingly breaking laws, and violating human rights laws, because they are being directed to do so, by “Murray Murphy”, and it is backed by Ghiz and officials.

Evidence was passed into the investigator at the Justice Dept showing abundant evidence of a corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission . As well, significant evidence showing that a victim was exposed to the corrupted and abusive mediation process that had been finalized, July 2011. The victim was threatened with specifics of what would happen, 4 months before she placed her complaints with the PEI Human rights commission.

Greg Howard had given advice to the others who were involved. Hilton (Turnbull’s close friend, helped run the bully gang on campus, and Patsy MacLean and Ghiz Minister, Doug Currie, had Hilton hired at the “Human Rights” commission to alert UPEI if any female contacted the HRC office. The bully gang will bully the victim into silence, to prevent complaints being made against UPEI.

Howard stated to some in the group, that if ever, any of what they were doing or what they were covering up and what they did to cover it up, were ever to get out, his advice would be to run.

Ironically, in April 2013, after the victim submitted evidence showing the collusion, the planned abuse and violations against the victim, he resigned and, in 3 weeks had moved out of the country.

“Murray Murphy” is a lawyer, who broke laws, and he had his clients (UPEI) break laws. Then to promise them immunity from him and Ghiz, just sounds illegal. If not illegal, it is certainly unethical.

The victim was told that her personal and academic reputations would be destroyed completely. Anything left of her reputations, the fake apology letters, from the victim to her abusers, along with slander that they increased, destroyed anything left of her personal reputation. There are also other documents that the VP stated were in her file, but refused to state what had been added. Several requests for copies, of all documents, with the victim’s signature has gone unanswered.

When Murphy and UPEI refused to allow the victim access to the campus, she worked off campus, on her thesis, with her thesis advisor. When Murphy found out, he had the prof’s boss, VP of Academics, cut her off. In threats and in meetings with officials, the known failure that Murphy threatened that he could put on her transcript will be placed on it, May 2014. Murphy cut her from her thesis advisor so she could not complete her 2nd thesis. Her first thesis was destroyed, with 2 officials from UPEI watching and supposedly overseeing that her ex-advisor did not follow through, on his threats, he gave the victim, if she were to ask for a new advisor. Her ex-thesis advisor actually did exactly as he had threatened, with 2 UPEI officials monitoring it; an assistant Dean and a Professor. Murphy actively stopped her work so he can put “Fail” on her transcript. There is something very sick about a person, who would do such a thing.

A capitalist education sustains:
‘There is no individual more menacing than the depraved educated person deficient of values and ethics’.
That is a reason why the so called student reps can be bought off so easily by administration and Murray Murphy. UPEI is just ethics deprived. There is not one thing that is known, to writer, that is legitimate. Likewise, all the reports and even the yearly report from the PEI human rights commission is bogus. The cases that were known are not written on.

There are bully teams that will go to extremes to mob the victim and do horrendous things to this person. It is inhumane.

‘professionals’ cite that they are saving the university. That argument holds no credibility. The university consists of buildings. If ever it would need protection , it would need protection from the predators, the same ones who claim, they are doing illegal things to protect the university. They are doing illegal and unethical things because they are deviant and greedy.

There are no background checks done on professors and there are several professor who have failed background checks. Some claim they have criminal records.

Ghiz & Gang’s , UPEI official’s tyrannical regime, that follows no rules or laws, abuses of power, allowing targeting scam, where females are horrifically trapped, threatened, where they are told, who is involved where those involved, would be the ones that the victim should be able to go to in order to get help.

It appears that, domination defined by greed, hatred, and cruelty, is the overriding theme, that guides this university and the Island under Ghiz and his regime. . There is a hatred, towards females, underpinning the entire society. Females are not to succeed or outshine any male. They are to be owned and never stand up to males. As one female, who has stood up to these barbarians, they will take temper tantrums and start yelling and screaming, like the way Murray Murphy, behaves, for example, if a female stands up to them.

The theme becomes a primitive existence as it has cruelly destroy humanity without destroying humankind. Without humanity, there is only evil


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