“University of PEI”, (#UPEI), #Ghiz and “Prince Edward Island”, (#PEI) will NOT Comply to Human rights Laws, Contracts and Continue Ongoing Human Rights Violations Against a Female Student, Including an Illegal Banning from Public Funded, #UPEI.

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“Prince Edward Island”, (#PEI), Canada
“University of Prince Edward Island”, ( #UPEI )
“Premier Ghiz” , “Premier of PEI” ,
“Murray Murphy” – #UPEI lawyer, “PEI Law Society” member; Infamous for challenging the human rights laws.

“President of UPEI”, (“UPEI President” ) Close friend and business associate of Ghiz ; “President of UPEI” has had complaints of sexual harassment placed him, by several females (2013)

“PEI Human Rights Commission” is a Ghiz run office. #UPEI brags and threatens victim, of further abuses, harm, (further “human rights” violations) if victims submit their complaints.

Feb 2011- UPEI and PEI came up with idea to decrease amount of complaints from females.

There has been a targeting of females for quite some time now. Abuses of power, bully groups, and a total dysfunction on promoting the abuse of females, with an underlying domination of, or even a hatred of females. In the Education Dept, it was a bit more sinister, as the Dean required the female be publically humiliated. To see a female degraded and humiliated, with both their academic and personal reputations destroyed, the predator would be rewarded well, for a job well done.

IF ANY FEMALE MAKES A COMPLAINT, THEY WILL BE DESTROYED. Slandered, demonized, falsely accused, and a huge powerful group of government and UPEI persons will be launched on the victim.

The student reps at the university have been bought over by administration.

The threats made to the victim on July 2011, 4 months before she put in her complaints, to the “PEI Human Rights” commission, was that UPEI would never comply to laws or contracts and would continue and even make the abuses, violations worse. She was told specifically the details of what they had planned and how they were planning to pull it off.

All threats came true, Nov 2011-May 2012; May 2012- present)

Slander and harassment continued with Murphy and Turnbull circulating fraud apology letters, from victim to abusers. Letters she did not write or sign. The police stated they were poor quality fraud and the Minister of Education needed to do the required investigation. A multitude of formal requests have been made, but Ghiz and MacIsaac remain silent. The complaints of the colluded and harmful, corrupted PEI HRC gets stalled then stopped, for past year and half, in PEI Minister of Justice Department.

#UPEI refused to stop circulating the known fraud documents that the victim did not write or sign. The VP of Academics claim there are other docuents and letters in her file, but they refuse to allow her to see them.

#UPEI refused to comply, with the mediated contract and refused to comply with human rights laws and other laws.

They banned her from accessing the things she needed on campus. When the victim worked off campus with her thesis advisor, Murphy had the VP Academics cut the victim’s advisor. The VP stated to victim that he was following Murphy’s direction. Murphy cut her advisor so they can put ” FAIL” for a thesis grade, to destroy her academic record, as has been threatened numerous times This is also a breach and refusal to comply to contract..

“UPEI Registrar” refused to stop producing fraudulent transcripts with libelous and false statements on them. The Registrar stated that she was aware of her actions being illegal, causing the victim further losses and trauma but she was being directed by “Murray Murphy” and had been given immunity, like all the others, who were involved with breaking the laws, refusing to comply to a contract etc.,

Immunity from any accountability, for their inhumane treatment, and illegal actions. Although it is not actually legal to give them immunity.

Both, “UPEI VP Academics”, and UPEI Registrar”, claim that Murphy gave all those involved at #UPEI and “PEI Human Rights Commission” , immunity with Ghiz and officials endorsement and support to prevent any investigations to be done that would be required for charges to be laid.

All formal complaints made to the #Ghiz government has been stalled than unanswered. Ghiz is aware and was aware back in July 2011 that there would be corrupted mediation, and all the other threats followed through, including banning student from public access. PEI does not qualify for public funding when they prevent public access.


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