#PEI, #Ghiz, #University of Prince Edward Island Pull Scam on STLHE then cover it up but get BUSTED.

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#PEI, #Ghiz, #University of Prince Edward Island Pull Scam on STLHE then cover it up but get BUSTED.

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Prince Edward Island”, (#PEI), Canada
“University of Prince Edward Island”, ( #UPEI )

“Premier Ghiz” , “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” ,

“Murray Murphy” – #UPEI lawyer, “PEI Law Society” member; Infamous for challenging the human rights laws.

“President of UPEI”, (“UPEI President” ) Close friend and business associate of Ghiz ; “President of UPEI” has complaints of sexual harassment placed against him by several females (2013)

“PEI Human Rights Commission” is a Ghiz run office. #UPEI brags and threatens victim, of further abuses, harm, (further “human rights” violations) if victims submit their complaints. This is the old very unethical, and not very effective trick, of rewarding those, who have done something wrong, as a way to cover it up. People, they believe, will think that a person would be given an award if they were doing what they were hearing. It is outdated for a multitude of reasons. But the politicians and UPEI PR people love it.

There was a huge mobbing and severe bullying of a female grad student back in 2010, when she asked for a new thesis advisor.

In fear of what Turnbull and the professor’s friends, felt might get out in the public over what he had done; then, what a group of his friends did to try to protect him, turned into a massive mobbing. The Education department destroyed another human being, the grad student. They kept getting deeper into water as they lied and schemed.

This is the scam that the former president came up with along with Patsy Maclean, and Murray Murphy along with Turnbull and his sidekick, Hilton. Doug Currie representing Ghiz’s gang, of course.

Apparently this female grad student made complaints against her advisor and all the scams they were involved in and threatening her. It was bad, bad ,bad.. And UPEI did what they do best, lie and cover it up so it can grow into a bigger mess. These scams had been going on for years, they just kept covering it up. Turnbull let her advisor destroy her thesis and not collect data- the former dean left over a huge mess regarding this.

May 2012- UPEI signed a contract with the victim in “human rights”. But as soon as it was signed, “UPEI” breaches it, and refuses to comply and Murphy keeps threatening law suit, on her, if she breaches, all the gag clauses. Meanwhile they are slandering her. It was brutal.

in the meantime the head of STLHE wants an apology letter if the person she gave the award to was not in the complaints. Turnbull and everyone lied to the STLHE– told all kinds of stories.

The victim gets a copy of one of the fake apology letters and asks for this Head person’s copy.
When she compares them, they had been written on 2 different computers with the font and size different. But her name and printed signature are perfectly overlapped in the same size and font. The victim took them to the police.

The police said they were poor quality frauds. But the police does not investigate fraud, without the exchange of money and Ghiz and MacIsaac had to do the investigation. They have refused or rather not answered, in the past year and half. Meanwhile UPEI officials telling victim they will continue to circulate fraud, ban her, all these human rights violations because they are claiming they were given immunity for doing all these illegal things at the direction of Murphy and protection of Ghiz.

So, that is how they were caught. #STLHE apparently wanted something done and, if not ,they were threatening a lawsuit. Since Turnbull was the one in touch with her, feeding her all the lies, they had to demote him (but they were all involved. Turnbull was a ring leader) Ghiz got him a job right away at Bishops -a community college in Quebec.

Actually, it was Turnbull and “Murray Murphy”, who were circulating, the frauds. Turnbull had Hilton spread slander — it is so ugly. “Murray Murphy” is the #UPEI unethical lawyer who is also a member of the “PEI Law Society”.

When the entire story gets out— no one will want to step foot on that place. It is 4 years and this one woman stood firm to them–

So, Interim dean involved in same mess as Turnbull. Except turnnbull was circulating them and Murphy was telling her if she said anything they would sue her, due to gag clauses…She went to see another lawyer and what murphy was threatening was a lie.

When a group of so called ‘academics’ go after a student for 4 years, to destroy her– as she turned down her advisor and he threatened her with everything , including destroying her thesis, there is something amiss about this group

UPEI officials are now saying they were given immunity to break laws and not to comply with a contract; violate the students rights;. This immunity is from Murphy and Ghiz..

Total dysfunction on this campus. The same total dysfunction in running this province..


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