#PEI, “Prince Edward Island”, #Ghiz, “Murray Murphy”, #UPEI Continues to Abuse a Female Student while Refusing to Comply with Human Rights Laws and a Mediated Human Rights Contract

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#PEI, “Prince Edward Island”, #Ghiz, “Murray Murphy”, #UPEI Continues to Abuse a Female Student while Refusing to Comply with Human Rights Laws and a Mediated Human Rights Contract

#PEI, “Prince Edward Island”, #Ghiz, “Murray Murphy”, #UPEI Abusing Female Students while Refusing to Comply with Human Rights Laws and Mediated Human Rights Contract Signed With a Female Victim

#UPEI, #PEI, #Ghiz, “Murray Murphy”, #Sherry, #MacIsaac REFUSE to comply to signed mediated “Human Rights” Contract and Human Rights Laws:

“Prince Edward Island”, #PEI , “University of Prince Edward Island”, #UPEI , #Canada, “New President of UPEI”, “UPEI President”, “President of UPEI”, “UPEI Faculty”, “Murray Murphy”, “PEI Law Society”, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”, “PEI Premier”, “PEI Government”, “PEI Education”, “PEI Human rights”, “Human Rights”,

#UPEI was shown to have corrupted and colluded with the “PEI Human Rights Commission”, in arranging an abusive and violating mediation process, for an abused victim, who made complaints with the “PEI Human Rights” Commission in November 2011.

The collusion consisted of a planned abusive mediation process between #UPEI and the abused female student. Representing #UPEI was: “Murray Murphy” and Rosemary Herbert, a “UPEI Nursing Faculty” member; with a mediator, Buell, and overseen by the former Head of the “PEI Human Rights Commission” (Resigned when evidence submitted to back formal complaints made by the victim, April 2013).

Not only was an illegal and horridly immoral, violating, 5 month long, abusive and threatening mediation planned for this victim, but #UPEI’s lawyer, “Murray Murphy” had no plans on complying with any contract he signed for #UPEI. #UPEI “Murray Murphy” followed through on threats made to the victim both before and during the mediation where she was threatened with further violations and abuses. Abuses that she endured as soon as they signed a mediation contract as UPEI refused to comply. UPEI re-victimized the female and put her through another horrific year and half (still enduring) of human rights violations and abuses.

May 2012- “Murray Murphy” and Herbert, a “PEI Nursing Faculty” member refused to comply with the contract they signed during this so called human rights mediation and further violated the victim by banning her access to the public funded UPEI, circulated fraudulent documents, and increased the bullying and harassment of the victim.

#UPEI officials claimed they had not complied with the contract as they were directed by their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, to break the laws, and not to comply with the contract or human rights laws. UPEI officials claim they were given ‘protection’/immunity from all illegal acts from “Murray Murphy” and the “PEI Government”, run by “PEI Premier Ghiz”.

The victim made complaints to the “PEI Government” regarding this abusive and violating mediation where she alleges that she was constantly threatened; Murphy took temper tantrums where he verbally abused and threatened her, along with pages of other violations that showed UPEI and the appointed mediator, the secretary of the PEI Human rights commission, was acting as a lawyer without a licence, as well as, breaching the mediation contract.

It was shown that UPEI threatened and abused a female victim, who had made complaints against UPEI, with the PEI Human rights commission, during a corrupted 5 month mediation at the PEI Human Rights commission that had been planned months before. A deviant plan that was concocted by a group of PEI officials and UPEI officials who wanted to cover-up abuses to female students, and a scam that was being pulled on STLHE to reward such abusers and those who took part, with National awards.

#UPEI was forced to demote Turnbull (September 2013) when the STLHE demanded an explanation, then threatened a lawsuit on UPEI, when “Murray Murphy” and Turnbull were caught submitting fraudulent apology letters from the victim to her abusers, that the victim did not write or sign. UPEI and PEI’s fraudulent attempt, at covering up their scam in getting awards, from a national higher education agency, for those named in human rights complaints.

A year and half, after UPEI signed a mediated contract with a victim, a mediated contract that was shown to be planned never to be followed, a year beforehand, the UPEI officials are claiming that they were given ‘immunity’/protection for illegal acts against a female student by their lawyer, Murray Murphy and supported protection by Ghiz and PEI officials.

#UPEI, #PEI, “PEI Law Society” member and #UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, “President of UPEI”, “UPEI Registrar”, “Rosemary Herbert”, (“UPEI Faculty of Nursing”), “UPEI Education Department”, “Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Minister of Justice”, (“Janice Sherry”); “PEI Minister of Education”, (MacIsaac), : REFUSED and Continue to REFUSE to comply with a signed human rights mediated contract and “Human Rights” Laws, Laws on fraud, and other laws to further violate, harass, brutally abuse a female student. Total corruption and brutal abuses of female victims at UPEI, PEI and their bragged about corrupted “PEI Human Rights Commission”

PEI and #UPEI REFUSED to comply with a mediated human rights contract they signed with a female victim and refused to comply with the basic human rights laws. #UPEI has illegally banned a female victim access to a public funded #UPEI after signing a mediated contract with her.

According to officials, “UPEI Registrar” and the “UPEI VP of Academics, representing #UPEI, “President of UPEI”, “UPEI Administration”: #UPEI has been directed by “Murray Murphy” to REFUSE to comply with their signed mediated contract and refuse to comply with laws and Human Rights Laws. According to several UPEI officials, everyone involved in illegal acts and abuses against this female traumatized victim, has been given ‘immunity’ from “Murray Murphy”, a member of the “PEI Law Society” and the PEI Government, “Premier Ghiz’ and PEI officials for all illegal acts, further abuses towards victims and a refusal to comply with laws.

UPEI has refused to stop abusing and violating a female, which included their involvement in a multitude of illegal acts and continued brutal, inhuman attacks on a severely abused female victim.

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on UPEI, PEI, GHIZ, SHERRY, MacIsaac, HERBERT, BUELL, TURNBULL, HILTON, Kielly, Lacroix, Murray Murphy, Corrupted PEI Human Rights Commission, PEI Government, PEI Advisory Council, and all those on the payroll to promote the abuse of females and those given undertable $$ to be silent

#PEI is, once again, a HORRID DISGRACE to CANADA and a pathetic excuse of a society, albeit, uncivilized, due to their open statements, and even bragging to victims that they ABUSE their power and will never comply to laws or contracts.

Well, #UPEI, #PEI and unethical, corrupt abusers and predators, those acting and knowing they are breaking laws (with Murphy and Ghiz immunity) ….lets see how that works out for you.

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