“University of Prince Edward Island” (#UPEI) and #Ghiz and “Prince Edward Island” (#PEI) Get Caught Pulling Scam and Cover-up on STLHE: Turnbull gets demoted then resigns but “Murray Murphy” elevated to “QC” while formal complaints remain active

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(Scam and cover-up on the STLHE was in the works during meetings from Jan-July 2011 with several persons but the key players were: Former President, Murray Murphy, Patsy MacLean, Doug Currie, (who kept Ghiz informed)Turnbull, Hilton, Feb 2011- onward included – Greg Howard, Herbert, Buell, then VP AcademiCs, Registrar, Ghiz, Sherry, MacIsaac

#UPEI and #PEI were  pulling a scam on STLHE, (Society for teaching and learning in higher education) that was reported, where #UPEI  were  applying to get National awards for professors, who had been named in “Human rights” complaints. (Being named in any complaint would disqualify any professor from applying for these national awards)

#UPEI and #PEI had lied to the STLHE when this scam was initially brought to the STLHE’s attention.  #UPEI and #PEI officials had fake apology letters prepared before the abusive mediation even started.  The letters were prepared,  by July 2011, with the victim apologizing to the abusers so UPEI could cover up the scam they had pulled on the STLHE, to try to deny complaints were ever made to the PEI Human Rights commission.

The STLHE caught Turnbull and Murphy circulating and submitting fraudulent apology letters, from victim to her abusers, to cover up a scam that UPEI and PEI had pulled on the STLHE.  This was also in breach of the contract that Murphy and Herbert signed with the victim during a 5 month long abusive and violating mediation process that the victim had made formal complaints to the Minister of Justice, Ghiz, MacIsaac.

The VP of Academics was aware and participated in this scam and stated to the victim that he would not stop the circulation of the known fraudulent documents when the student made complaints of the fraud letters to the UPEI officials.  When STLHE received several versions of the apology letters and shown how one could tell they were fake, the STLHE demanded explanations from UPEI.  UPEI played ignorant but Turnbull had been the person who was in communication with the STLHE and then submitting such letters to the STLHE.  In an attempt to ward off a lawsuit from STLHE, to show that UPEI had punished such devious and unethical behavior, UPEI demoted  Turnbull  (September 2013)

Turnbull was quickly demoted, from Dean of Education, to professor, September 2013, when according to UPEI official, the STLHE had threatened a lawsuit on UPEI for submitting fraudulent apology letters from a victim to her abusers, to protect the scam that PEI and UPEI had pulled on the STLHE.  That is, to get National awards for those profs who had been named in human rights violations.  (Profs who are on human rights complaints do NOT qualify to apply for these national awards)

Ghiz assisted the disgraced and fallen Turnbull in getting another appointment, at the college, where Ghiz had graduated, in Quebec.

Ghiz and Sherry rewarded “Murray Murphy, in Nov, 2013, with a “QC” title, while alleged fraud and collusion, refusing to follow human rights laws, re-victimizing and abusing a female victim are still actively being investigated, so stated Sherry publically, when confronted by victim in November 2013, just a couple of weeks before they honored Murphy.

Females are abused and female students will continue to be targeted at UPEI.  UPEI officials refused to comply with a contract and human rights laws, (May 2012) produced and knowingly circulated fraud, but proclaim they have been given immunity by Murray Murphy and Ghiz to break laws and not to comply to contracts that are signed in mediation with Human Rights.  Maybe on a corrupted island, like the infested corrupted PEI and UPEI, there is immunity to break laws but lets see how that works out when held accountable to those agencies off island.


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