#PEI, “Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission” Abusing “Women” Making Complaints Against #UPEI, “University of PEI”: Illegal Acts Promoted by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”

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#Ghiz, “Murray Murphy”, #UPEI, and “Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission” Abuse and Further Violate a Female Victim:  Corruption, Collusion, Cover-up

A corrupt “PEI Human Rights Commission” colluded with #UPEI , “University of Prince Edward Island”, to set up a violating and abusive mediation and post mediation processes with the approval of “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz” and #PEI , “Prince Edward Island Government”, officials. The so called “PEI advisory councils” set up in the province are a farce. The “PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women” is not legitimate, worse yet, they appear to represent women while “PEI Premier Ghiz” continues to support and promote the illegal acts, against women, at the “University of PEI”.

The #UPEI mediators consisted of 2 persons: “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy”, and “UPEI Nursing Faculty” member “Rosemary Herbert”. The “PEI Human Rights” commission mediator was secretary, “Lorraine Buell”, overseen by, now resigned, “Greg Howard”, former head of the “Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission”.

Howard was Head over the “PEI Human Rights Commission”, but resigned, in April 2013, when the victim submitted evidence, to Ghiz, “Premier of PEI”, MacIsaac , “PEI Minister of Education”, and Sherry, “PEI Minster of Justice” , who oversees the “PEI Human rights commission”, showing the collusion and corruption within #UPEI, and “PEI Human rights”. The victim submitted evidence showing the collusion and corrupted mediation, along with evidence showing that the threats were followed through, after mediation, which also violated her rights and laws surrounding her complaints. After this violating mediation, UPEI signed a contract , with the victim, but #UPEI then refused to comply to the contract they signed with her AND refused to comply to human rights laws. UPEI’s non-compliance caused an escalation of abuses and violations against the victim.

After the victim suffered through this 5 month long, brutal and violating mediation with UPEI, #UPEI signed a contract with her, but then refused to comply to the contract AND the laws on human rights and fraud. The victim then faced being illegally banned access to the public funded UPEI; having her thesis advisor cut off by Murphy, while he continued to follow through on his threat that he would write fail on her transcript, when she would be unable to pass in a thesis; #UPEI knowingly circulated and continue to circulate fraudulent documents, including fraudulent apology letters that the victim did not write or sign; the Registrar produced and circulated, known fraudulent transcripts, and UPEI continued and continues to refuse to comply with the human rights contract and human rights laws.

According to the victim, her evidence showed that there was a planned non-compliance, to the contract UPEI signed, to continue to violate the rights and deny the victim rights and for #UPEI to not comply to human rights laws. #UPEI officials claim they acknowledge that their actions are breaking the laws; however, they claim they are being directed to do so, at the direction of Murray Murphy, under their proclaimed protection of non-accountability and protection/immunity from Murphy and Ghiz.

The violating and abusive mediation was also a formal complaint submitted to “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”, “Minister Janice Sherry” and “Minister Alan MacIsaac”. The victim made complaints regarding the entire mediation process and illegal actions after the process; including complaints that during the abusive mediation, she and her support person were making complaints and trying to get Howard to stop this abusive mediation, but he refused to address any of the complaints. The victim’s support person finally quit the mediation, March 2013, due to the blatant abuse of a victim, no rules being followed by “UPEI” and the mediator, obvious biases and unfairness. Her support person left a mediation, stating that the victim did not need a support person, but rather, a lawyer to stop the brutal abuses and illegal actions, that the victim was now enduring from both “UPEI” and the “PEI Human rights commission”.

The victim made complaints that the mediation further violated her, denied her rights, laws were broken, and complaints that Murray Murphy took temper tantrums, while yelling threats at the victim, under a so called “human rights mediation” . In the end, Murray Murphy threatened to physically harm the victim and demanded that he and the Human rights mediator continue the ‘mediation process’ WITHOUT the victim. “Murray Murphy” claimed he could not be in the same room as the victim as he would harm her. Threats, threats, and more threats to the victim, in the name of this complained about human rights mediation, where a human rights mediator participated and the entire abusive process was overseen by the Head of the commission, Howard. The victim says she had submitted evidence showing that it was a planned corrupted mediation process where the final details of the corrupted mediation were complete by July 2011. It was given the approval from “Premier Robert Ghiz”.

#UPEI openly state they are and know they are breaking laws but also openly discuss this ‘immunity’ they have from Ghiz and Murphy where they will not stop banning victim and/or circulating fraud as they have protection and IMMUNITY from the premier

Giving people immunity for breaking laws and violating rights of others.

#PEI is corrupted to the point where victims who make complaints to a human rights commission are brutally and inhumanely treated. Where UPEI and others can break laws and openly admit to breaking laws and refuse to follow laws because they are told to do so by the ones who are protecting them.

#UPEI and #PEI is unsafe, “unlawful”, and without compliance to basic laws makes PEI and UPEI also uncivilized. There are NO “human rights” for women and NO laws that are complied with by “UPEI” and “PEI government”. Those who have abused their power, continue to break laws and abuse and violate a female victim, are given so called ‘protection’ and ‘immunity’, by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” They need to be STOPPED. #UPEI and #PEI need to be held accountable for these horrid #injustices and unlawful acts.

“There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men {and women}” – Ludwig von Mises


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