#PEI, “PEI Human Rights Commission” Corrupt to the Core: Collusion with “University of PEI” Supported by “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”

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Corruption “Prince Edward Island”, #PEI, #UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island”, #UPEI, “PEI Human Rights Commission”, “PEI Premier Ghiz”, “PEI government”, “PEI”, Canada:

“PEI Human rights” colluded with “University of PEI” under the approval of “PEI Premier Ghiz” and his “PEI government” officials.

A corrupt “PEI Human Rights commission” colluded with #UPEI (Murray Murphy, Rosemary Herbert) to set up a violating and abusive mediation process.

The planning of this corrupted collusion, between the “PEI Human rights commission” and the “University of PEI” was completed in July 2011. The victim was brought into this corrupted process, where it was planned, to have her “human rights” violated and planned illegal acts both during the corrupted “Prince Edward Island Human rights commission” mediation and post mediation processes. This “women” was threatened, had the threats followed through on, and harassed by both #UPEI (“Murray Murphy”, a “PEI Law Society” member “University of Prince Edward Island” lawyer and “UPEI Nursing” faculty member, “Rosemary Herbert”) and the “PEI Human rights” commission mediator, Lorraine Buell. It was planned that there would be an illegal breach of contract once the victim signed a mediated contract with “UPEI”; then, illegal and criminal acts of “fraud” and forgeries with forged apology letters, from victim to her abusers, increasing the illegal acts, #harassment, #discrimination and abuses of this victim, post mediation. “UPEI Administration” representing “UPEI” and “UPEI President” claim the illegal acts are being directed by “UPEI Lawyer” with ‘protection/immunity’ from “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” to do these illegal, and some criminal acts, onto an abused female victim.

Buell is a secretary, at the “PEI Human rights” commission, but was acting as a lawyer albeit a biased lawyer for “UPEI”. The victim and her support person had made a multitude of complaints, against Buell, as being a mediator, who was acting as a lawyer, without a licence, biased, and who had breached the PEI Human rights commission contract to mediate and breached human rights laws. Howard refused to remove Buell.

After a victim is further violated, denied rights, laws broken, for 5 months, where it is alleged that “Murray Murphy” had also taken temper tantrums ,while yelling threats, at the victim, in this violating, illegal so called “human rights” mediation.

The” PEI Human rights”, mediator, Lorraine Buell, and “Murray Murphy” decided together to mediate WITHOUT victim. Murray Murphy was yelling threats at the victim and also yelled that he would physically harm the victim”– human???rights???mediation??? ..Threats, threats, and more threats to the victim in the name of this complained about “human rights” mediation…then ..a contract is signed.

But, as was planned, #UPEI DOES NOT COMPLY with the contract and produces fraudulent docs, fake apology letters from victim to abusers, is banned access from public funded #UPEI

May 2012- Human rights mediated contract signed, but #UPEI refuse to comply and violate victim more including banning her access to the public funded #UPEI, produce and circulate known fraudulent transcripts (“UPEI Registrar”)

May 2012- present: #UPEI claim they have immunity to not comply to contracts and break laws. Officials claim they received this immunity from “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Murray Murphy” when their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, directed his clients, #UPEI, to break the law and not comply with the contract that they had signed, not to comply with human rights laws and other laws that have been breached.

#UPEI officials openly state that they are and know they are breaking laws but also openly discuss so called protection/ ‘immunity’ they claim they have to break laws. This immunity that protects, they claim, comes from “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Murray Murphy”

Thus, UPEI officials stated to the victim, that they will not stop banning her access and/or circulating fraudulent documents as they have protection and IMMUNITY from the premier and their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, who directed them to break the laws.

Total #corruption on #PEI makes #PEI and #UPEI Unsafe and Uncivilized:

Giving people immunity for breaking laws and violating rights of others is a group that refused to follow rules, laws and violates the basic human rights of others. The definition of uncivilized. As such, “UPEI’ and ‘PEI” are dangerous places and unsafe for anyone, but, in this case, dangerous for female students.

There is no campus more treacherous than one where stated policies and signed contracts, agreements are not followed. #UPEI is one such campus. When caught, they are protected by a made up, illegal ‘immunity’ given to them by those who are running this corrupt campus and government, including the very corrupted and violating “PEI Human Rights Commission”.

This corrupt university is a mere reflection of the overall corrupted society, “PEI”, that it rests in. Abuses of power and office, breaches of trust are prevalent in corrupted, oppressive environments.

#PEI has population of 120,000 where total corruption has infested every office, where no laws are followed. Deviants and predators do lurk the entire island. They have made UPEI their playground, and for some, their workplace.

“Prince Edward Island” and “UPEI” are unsafe, unlawful, uncivilized. There are NO rights and if predators and deviants and/or their connections break the law— they are protected and are given ‘immunity’, so says “PEI Premier Ghiz”, Murray Murphy” and “PEI government” officials.

“UPEI” and “PEI” are devoid of ethics, morals and humanity. A dangerous group indeed. They need to be STOPPED.

‘To educate a person in mind but not in morals, is to educate a menace to society’, -Theodore Rossevelt

‘We’ve got to have rules and obey them. Afterall, we’re not savages’ – William Golding, (Lord of the Flies, Chapter 2)

‘There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men {women}’ – Ludwig von Mises


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