#UPEI, “University of PEI”, #PEI, “PEI Human Rights Commission”, “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”, and “UPEI President” Promoting “Violence” and #Harassment of “Women”: “President of UPEI” Leads by Example

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Background Corruption, Collusion, Cover-ups

“Prince Edward Island”, #PEI, #Canada
#UPEI- “University of Prince Edward Island”, #UPEI, “University of PEI”,

“UPEI Faculty” – have had “sexual harassment” complaints against them. 5 complaints on the “UPEI Faculty” , the “Education Department”, for example, in 1 year. Abuse of power and violations of rights is rampant on #UPEI.

Re-victimizing, demonizing, and destroying academic and personal reputations of female victims, who make complaints, while, rewarding the abusers is the prevalent play at “UPEI”.

“PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” – “Premier of PEI”, is running #UPEI with “Murray Murphy”. Ghiz is running the corrupt “PEI human rights commission”

“PEI Human rights commission”- #UPEI officials brags of their corrupting this office, to further violate female victims, to be further abused and denied rights.

–For one planned, abusive, corrupted mediation, the corrupted mediation had been planned by July 2011. It was followed through with the mediation from Nov 2011- May 2012; then after signing a contract but UPEI planned not to comply to the contract they signed to further harass, violate and abuse the female victim from May 2012- present.

—The #UPEI mediators consisted of 2 persons: “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy”, and “UPEI Nursing Faculty” member “Rosemary Herbert”.

—The “PEI Human Rights” commission mediator was secretary, “Lorraine Buell”, with the mediation overseen by, “Greg Howard” (resigned April 2013) when evidence submitted, by a victim, showing his colluding and corrupting human rights processes to abuse and violate a female victim during mediation and after.

#UPEI and “Human rights” violations – were abundant, under the previous “UPEI President”. He, openly, stated he did not believe in the “human rights” laws and felt, for example, that assault and rape were personal issues, between 2 people, that should never be tried in a court room. He was speaking to a female victim, who was assaulted, then brutally mobbed, bullied, slandered, brutally abused by a group of bullies who would brutally slander and bully a female victim off campus and into silence, to prevent an abusive professor, from being exposed.

“Murray Murphy” – #UPEI lawyer, “PEI Law Society” member; He has refused to comply with laws, contracts he signed, and directed his clients (“UPEI”) to break laws, so, he and #UPEI could follow through on illegal threats made on the victim where she would be further violated, abused and harassed. He abused and threatened a victim for 5 months in a corrupted and planned abusive “PEI human rights” mediation process. Murphy followed through on all his threats on the victim.

UPEI President and his Gang of Devious Bullies
Who made up this initial gang?

Former President, a brutal abuser of rights himself ,who openly stated, he did not believe in human rights laws;

Murray Murphy, Abusive and violated rights, refused to comply with laws and contracts; directed his clients to not comply with laws and contracts while providing them with a so called ‘immunity’ from him and Ghiz.

Turnbull, former Dean of Education; (would be demoted, Sept 2013, when STLHE caught him passing in bogus apology letters from a victim to her abusers to try to cover up scam. UPEI had to demote Turnbull as they had been threatened with a lawsuit for pulling such a scam. Turnbull resigned after Ghiz had him hired on at Ghiz’s former college in Quebec

Hilton, Turnbull’s paid bully and grad rep who bullied and slandered female victims, to arrange other students to bully the female victims;

Patsy MacLean , the former fair treatment officer, who did not follow policy, she did an unauthorized police back ground check on victims to try to get something to blackmail female victims into silence;

Doug Currie, the PEI Education minister at the time and providing updates to Ghiz. He has given MacLean millions to her firm, along positions in Health and Education.

Howard, former Head of the “PEI human rights”, became involved in Feb 2013 along with a corrupted mediator, Buell, who was a secretary at the “PEI Human Rights commission”

“Rosemary Herbert”, “UPEI Nursing” faculty member, then promoted to Dean after the successful abusive attack on a female victim. Herbert and Murphy actively banned and harmed the victim after mediation, following through on all the threats from May 2012- present- ongoing.

May 2012- “UPEI Registrar” , Kielly, who was producing fraudulent transcripts, refusing to comply with human rights laws, and contracts was promised immunity and protection, as was, VP Academics, Lacroix. Lacroix refused to stop doing illegal acts as he stated he was being directed by Murray Murphy with the protection of Murphy and Ghiz.

To bully and silence female victims who would access the PEI Human rights commission office: Hiring Hilton at the PEI Human rights

MacLean hired Hilton at the “PEI Human rights commission”, on a law grant, she had access to so he could alert the bullies on UPEI if any female victim accessed the office. He would also slander all victims who did make complaints and/or went through HRC mediation.

Doug Currie and Ghiz agreed to fund Hilton’s job at the PEI human rights when MacLean’s job ran out. Turnbull was paying Hilton from research grants to bully female victims on campus.

How the UPEI President got caught , after MacLean and Currie’s new hire, at the PEI Human Rights commission?

President of UPEI”, (“UPEI President” , “New President of UPEI”) Close friend, travelling partner and business associate of Ghiz ; “President of UPEI” has complaints of “sexual harassment” placed against him by several females (2013) and is non-complaint of another sexual harassment mediated contract with a female victim.

One lawyer, off island, maneuver around this gang when he represented several females who wanted to make complaints against the “UPEI President” but did not want to face the bullies at UPEI and the slander that they would start. The usual slander would be that the male had made complaints and was it was the abused females who were harassing the abusers.

The lawyer had the victims place their complaints and he released press releases stating there were females making sexual harassment complaints against the “President of UPEI”. This prevented the bullies from turning the tables and slandering, bullying the victims off campus. However, the Head of the UPEI board and SU downplayed the sexual harassment complaints and violence against females.

Immunity for all illegal acts and human rights violations, destruction of female victims, so says “PEI Premier Ghiz” and unlawful, unethical, UPEI Lawyer, “Murray Murphy” (Not legal but will need for investigators, officials off PEI to hold them accountable to laws since Ghiz and Murphy have given immunity to all law breakers)

May 2012- present: #UPEI claim they have immunity to not comply to contracts and break laws. Officials claim they received this immunity from “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Murray Murphy” when their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, directed his clients, #UPEI, to break the law and not comply with the contract that they had signed, not to comply with human rights laws and other laws that have been breached.

#UPEI officials openly state that they are and know they are breaking laws but also openly discuss so called protection/ ‘immunity’ they claim they have to break laws. This immunity that protects, they claim, comes from “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Murray Murphy”

“There are strange games played,
{with deviants, perverts, predators}
and careers unmade,
{and deans can be made}
In the quest for wisdom’s pearl;
There are tales of {abusive} power,
In the Ivory Tower,
That can make your Toenails curl.
-pace Robert Service
…A poem that the unethical, corrupted and abusers were fixated on and thus, dedicated to the PEI human rights commission: Buell, UPEI employees- Murray Murphy and Rosemary Herbert


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