#PEI, “PEI Human Rights Commission”: #Corruption and Cover-ups at #UPEI, “University of PEI”, Supportd by “Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz”

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#PEI, Canada, The “PEI Human Rights Commission” is run by corrupted deviant Ghiz
#UPEI is run by unethical and corrupt, unlawful “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Ghiz”.

#PEI and #UPEI planned an abusive corrupt process that violated a victim and abused her severely. Violated her rights and refused her rights after mediation. Horrid group of hypocrites, predators, unlawful deviants. Abusing of females is ripe on the campus of the “University of Prince Edward Island”

As with the assignation of Caesar, everyone dips their hands in the victim’s blood and thereby all are, like Brutus, ‘honourable men’ – (Shakespeare)

A planned collusion to corrupt “human rights” process to brutally violate and abuse a victim ( a victim abused in 2010 at UPEI and further endured corrupted processes and inhumane abuses that remain ongoing):

A corrupt “PEI Human Rights Commission” colluded with #UPEI , “University of Prince Edward Island”, to set up a violating and abusive mediation process, with the approval of “Premier Ghiz” and #PEI , “Prince Edward Island”, officials.

It was a planned corrupted “human rights” process that would brutally abuse and violate an already abused female victim since 2010. All threats were followed through on the victim.

The final details of this horrid, inhumane, colluded , corrupted process were completed, in July 2011, by Howard and Murphy and details of the plan went back to the original group and Ghiz.
Not only would the victim be abused and have her rights violated, in this so called “human rights” mediation, but #UPEI planned to NOT to even comply, to the contract that they signed, and would further violate and abuse the victim. Inhumane!! Corruption!! Abusive!! No rights!!

“Murray Murphy”, “Greg Howard”, (now resigned, April 2013), “Lorraine Buell”, “Rosemary Herbert” took an active role in this corrupted mediation, Nov 2011- May 2012.

After this victim was abused for 5 months, they followed through with even greater violations, which included many people, from May 2012- present. Horrid, inhumane treatment of any human being!!! Inhumanity is well practiced on #PEI, #UPEI, and at the “PEI Human rights” commission.

As soon as #UPEI signed the contract, they refused to comply. #UPEI officials claim that “Murray Murphy” directed them NOT to comply and to break laws. For example, the victim was banned from #UPEI, #UPEI circulated bogus apology letters from the victim to her abusers, and have refused to stop; the “UPEI Registrar”, “Kathleen Kielly”, produced and circulated fraudulent transcripts, and have refused to stop; Herbert and Murphy, along with Lacroix, cut off her thesis advisor, to prevent her from completing her thesis; she was banned access to this public funded “UPEI”; she was brutally slandered and harassed, among other violations. (May 2012- present-ongoing)

This inhumane and horrid plan was originally threatened on victim by #UPEI officials. The group initially consisted of: former “President of UPEI”, “Patsy MacLean”, “Murray Murphy”, “Doug Currie”, Turnbull, former Dean of Education, (demoted and resigned after being caught by STLHE passing in fraudulent apology letters from victim to abusers to cover up scam that UPEI and PEI pulled on the STLHE); and a hired bully and Turnbull’s sidekick, Hilton. They were kept updated on the plans, as late as, July 2011 before the plan was enacted.

Hiring Hilton at the” PEI human rights commission” to bully female victims:

“Patsy MacLean” had Hilton, (a bully, Turnbull had paid, on UPEI, to bully and slander female victims off campus), hired at the “PEI Human rights” commission, on a law grant, that she had access to, then Currie agreed to continue his hire, on a “PEI Government” contract at the corrupted “PEI Human Rights Commission” .

Hilton was to alert #UPEI, to any female, that had accessed the “PEI Human rights” commission, so UPEI could get the bullies to harass the victim, into silence and off campus.
Hilton also was to slander females who had made complaints at the PEI human rights commission.

PEI Human Rights Mediation: 2011-2012
(Lorraine Buell- “Human Rights” mediator)
(Murray Murphy and Rosemary Herbert- UPEI)

The #UPEI mediators consisted of 2 persons: “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy”, and “UPEI Nursing Faculty” member “Rosemary Herbert”.

The “PEI Human Rights” commission mediator was secretary, “Lorraine Buell”, with the mediation overseen by, “Greg Howard” (resigned April 2013). “PEI Human rights” was overseen by Sherry, corrupt Minister of Justice who has permitted this abusive process.

Howard had been Head, over the “PEI Human Rights Commission”, until he resigned, in April 2013. In April 2013, the victim submitted evidence, to “PEI Premier Ghiz”, MacIsaac , the “PEI Minister of Education”, and Sherry, the “PEI Minster of Justice” , who oversees the “PEI Human Rights Commission”, showing the collusion and corruption among #UPEI, “PEI Human Rights”, and “PEI Government” officials.

The victim made complaints that the mediation, further violated her, denied her rights, laws were broken, with complaints that “Murray Murphy” took temper tantrums, while yelling threats at the victim, in a so called “human rights mediation”.

The threats that Murphy made, during this abusive mediation, were also threats that were followed through on, after the mediation.

The victim claims that “Murray Murphy” threatened to physically harm her, during this mediation process, and demanded that, he and the Human rights mediator, continue the ‘mediation process’ WITHOUT the victim. The victim claimed that #UPEI and the “PEI Human Rights” mediator were mediating, at the last, without her.

#UPEI Mediators Refuse to Comply; “Murray Murphy” directs #UPEI Not to comply & break laws

#UPEI officials claim “Murray Murphy” directed them to not to comply to contract and/or laws

After the victim suffered, through 5 months of brutal and violating mediation with #UPEI and “PEI Human Rights Commission”, #UPEI signed a contract with her; but, then, refused to comply with the contract AND refused to comply with the laws on human rights, as well as, other laws.

The victim then faced being illegally banned from having access to the public funded #UPEI (Murphy, Herbert, #UPEI mediators who signed the contract on behalf of UPEI);

– #UPEI knowingly circulated and continue to circulate fraudulent documents,

– Fraudulent documents, such as fraudulent apology letters, that the victim did not write or sign. Turnbull and Murphy were circulating these fraudulent apology letters. Turnbull, former “UPEI Faculty” member, the former Dean of Education, was caught submitting them, to the STLHE, to cover up a scam that #UPEI and #PEI pulled on the STLHE (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education). The scam was to get awards for those who had been named on “human rights” complaints. Turnbull was demoted, Sept 2013, then, he resigned.

– “UPEI Registrar”, “Kathleen Kielly”, produced and circulated, known fraudulent transcripts, and UPEI continued and continues to refuse to comply with the human rights contract, human rights laws, as well as, other laws.

#UPEI’s non-compliance caused an escalation of abuses and violations against the victim. The evidence showed that #PEI officials, “PEI Human rights commission” and #UPEI were involved in the abuse of a female victim, which has lasted over the past 4 years, and remains ongoing.

#UPEI Officials claiming “immunity” for illegal acts: Immunity given by Ghiz and Murphy

#UPEI officials claim they acknowledge that their actions are illegal and admit to not complying with laws and not complying to a contract; however, they claim they are following the directions of their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”.

#UPEI openly acknowledge their awareness in breaking laws; but, also, openly discuss protection and ‘immunity’ they claim they have from Ghiz and “Murray Murphy”, where they will continue to ban the victim access to a public funded

#UPEI and will continue to circulate the known fraudulent documents as per Murphy’s directions. #UPEI officials remained steadfast in their claim of having protection and IMMUNITY from the “PEI Premier” and “Murray Murphy”.

#PEI and “UPEI” Corrupted to the Core

#PEI is corrupted to the point where victims who make complaints to the “PEI Human Rights Commission” are brutally and inhumanely treated. Then, those involved in illegal acts can claim immunity/protection from Murphy and Ghiz.

#UPEI and #PEI is unsafe, unlawful; and without compliance to basic laws, makes #PEI and #UPEI uncivilized. There are NO rights and NO laws, while those with power, who break laws and abuse and violate a female victim, are protected and are given ‘immunity’, so says “PEI Premier Ghiz”, “Murray Murphy”, “UPEI”, and “Prince Edward Island”

Immunity that is ILLEGAL

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    Shame on #PEI, #UPEI, #Ghiz, and especially the hypocritical and violating “PEI Human rights commission” in participating in a violating and abusive process that denied a female rights then planned denial of rights afterwards. Ghiz needs to be held responsible as there is NO IMMUNITY to break the laws. CORRUPTION – Typical corrupt ways. 2014 and PEI acts like a barbaric, uncivilized group of deviants.

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