#PEI, “Murray Murphy”, #UPEI , “University of Prince Edward Island” Caught Scamming Awards to Reward Abusers and to Re-Victimize and Further Abuse Female Students : So sad to be uncivilized abusers, #PEI, #UPEI,

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#PEI, “Murray Murphy”, #UPEI , “University of Prince Edward Island”  Caught Scamming Awards to Reward Abusers and to  Re-Victimize and Further Abuse Female Students : So sad to be uncivilized abusers,  #PEI, #UPEI,

#UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island”, located on “Prince Edward Island”, #PEI, Canada.

Turnbull, former Dean of Education at #UPEI, and “Murray Murphy” , #UPEI Lawyer and a member of the “PEI Law Society”, were circulating fraudulent apology letters, from a victim to her abusers, after #UPEI’s “Murray Murphy” and “UPEI Faculty” member, “Rosemary Herbert” had signed a human rights mediated contract with the victim. (May 2012- present)

Turnbull had been caught submitting these fraudulent apology letters to the STLHE to cover up the #UPEI and #PEI scam on STLHE, where UPEI wanted to get awards for professors who were named on human rights complaints. This corresponds with #PEI and #UPEI philosophy on rewarding abusers, deviants, and predators while re-victimizing and causing further horrific abuses to their female victims. A rather barbaric, uncivilized mindset for any group in 2014.

#UPEI was forced to demote Turnbull when STLHE caught Turnbull submitting fraud apology letters. Turnbull, then resigned, from #UPEI, as Ghiz had him hired, at the former community college, that Ghiz had attended.

It was planned that #UPEI would never comply with a contract they signed with the victim, in a corrupted “PEI Human Rights” mediation process so #UPEI and #PEI officials could further violate and abuse the female victim. A devious and inhumane collusion that shows how uncivilized #UPEI and #PEI officials have become, in their twisted and perversion of abusing power and office, to abuse female students.

Corrupted Collusion Planned at the “PEI human rights commission”

An inhumane, corrupted collusion and horrid plan of brutally abusing a female victim was originally threatened on a victim by #UPEI officials.

The group initially consisted of: former “President of UPEI”, “Patsy MacLean”, “Murray Murphy”, “Doug Currie”, former dean and “UPEI Faculty” member, Turnbull, ( former Dean of Education, demoted and resigned after being caught by STLHE passing in fraudulent apology letters from victim to abusers to cover up scam that UPEI and PEI pulled on the STLHE); and a hired bully and Turnbull’s sidekick, Hilton. They were kept updated on the plans as late as July 2011.

Corrupted “PEI Human Rights Commission”

A female, victim was threatened with a corrupted and pre-planned harassing and violating “human rights” process, with further violations and abuses afterwards, if she did not sign gag clauses that the former abusive “UPEI President” was attempting to have her sign, regarding reported targeting and abusing female students at UPEI. (April-June 2011). The gag clauses were to cover up the known abuses and not to stop it. The victim refused to sign such contracts with the former “UPEI President”. He then threatened her with threats that were followed through.

Corrupted “PEI human rights commission”- The only thing worse than liars would be liars who are hypocrites, “PEI Human rights commission”.

“Murray Murphy”, “Greg Howard”, (now resigned, April 2013), “Lorraine Buell”, “Rosemary Herbert” took an active role in this corrupted mediation, Nov 2011- May 2012.

It was an approved and violating, abusive process that was overseen by “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz”, “PEI Premier”; “Janice Sherry”, the corrupted “PEI Minister of Justice” and corrupted “PEI Minister of Education” , MacIsaac. It was initially overseen by the corrupted “Doug Currie”, “PEI Minister of Health”, along with his sidekick, “Patsy MacLean”.

The #UPEI mediators consisted of 2 persons: “PEI Law Society” member, “Murray Murphy”, and “UPEI Nursing Faculty” member “Rosemary Herbert”.

The “PEI Human Rights” commission mediator was secretary, “Lorraine Buell”, with the mediation overseen by, “Greg Howard” (resigned April 2013). “PEI Human rights” was overseen by Sherry, corrupt “PEI Minister of Justice” and “PEI Premier Ghiz” who have also overseen and permitted this abusive processes to happen and continue.

Patsy MacLean’s involvement with abusing female victims at #UPEI; Involved with Hiring Hilton at the PEI human rights commission to bully female victims;

“Patsy MacLean” had previously identified Hilton, during an investigation, as one of the bullies at #UPEI, that Turnbull was paying, in research grants, to bully female victims into silence and off campus.

Maclean, then had Hilton, (a bully that Turnbull had paid, on UPEI research grants, to bully and slander female victims off campus), hired at the PEI Human rights commission, on a law grant, that she had access to, being on a “PEI Law Society” committee.

MacLean had also been reported, by a female victim, and alleged to have been punished by the “PEI law society” for doing bogus investigations and violating female victims, as a fair treatment advocate, at #UPEI. Maclean is also in a gag clause regarding her gaining SIN of victims to do illegal and unauthorized police backgrounds, in attempts to get ‘dirt’ on victims, to be used as blackmail for #UPEI to silence victims. MacLean is alleged to have breached a contract, where there is a gag clause regarding this, when she failed to pass in the confidential SIN and information she obtained doing this alleged illegal and violating background checks on a female victim.

“Doug Currie” agreed to continue to pay MacLean’s bully, at the PEI Human rights commission, on a “PEI Government” contract. Hilton was to alert #UPEI to any female that had accessed the corrupt “PEI Human rights commission” so UPEI could get the bullies to harass the victim into silence and off campus. Hilton also was to slander females who had made complaints at the “PEI human rights commission”. There have been formal complaints, of such actions, but remain covered up by #PEI officials and “PEI human rights commission”.

Corrupted Processes threatened on victim: #UPEI had planned to Not to Comply; When Caught, #UPEI claim an illegal ‘immunity’

As soon as #UPEI signed the contract, they refused to comply. #UPEI officials claim that “Murray Murphy” directed them NOT to comply and to break laws (May 2012- present-ongoing)

#UPEI’s non-compliance caused an escalation of abuses and violations against the victim. The evidence showed that #PEI officials, “PEI Human rights commission” and #UPEI were involved in the abuse of a female victim, which has lasted over the past 4 years, and remains ongoing.

#UPEI and #PEI is unsafe, unlawful; and without compliance to basic laws, makes #PEI and #UPEI also uncivilized. There are NO rights and NO laws, while those with power, who break laws and abuse and violate a female victim, are protected and are given ‘immunity’, so says Ghiz, Murphy and PEI.

Immunity that is ILLEGAL

So sad that #UPEI and #PEI remain uncivilized, in their continuing to abuse female students. So sad to be uncivilized deviants and predators, #UPEI and #PEI.


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