#UPEI, #PEI, “PEI Human Rights Commission” Inhumane Abuses of Female Students: Corruption, collusion, cover-ups on #PEI, #UPEI

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Shame on #PEI, #UPEI, #Ghiz, and especially the hypocritical and violating “PEI Human rights commission” in participating in a violating and abusive process that denied a female rights then planned denial of rights afterwards. Ghiz needs to be held responsible as there is NO IMMUNITY to break the laws. CORRUPTION – Typical corrupt ways. 2014 and PEI acts like a barbaric, uncivilized group of deviants.


#PEI, Canada, The “PEI Human Rights Commission” is run by corrupted deviant Ghiz
#UPEI is run by unethical and corrupt, unlawful “Murray Murphy” and “PEI Premier Ghiz”.

#PEI and #UPEI planned an abusive corrupt process that violated a victim and abused her severely. Violated her rights and refused her rights after mediation. Horrid group of hypocrites, predators, unlawful deviants. Abusing of females is ripe on the campus of the “University of Prince Edward Island”

As with the assignation of Caesar, everyone dips their hands in the victim’s blood and thereby all are, like Brutus, ‘honourable men’ – (Shakespeare)

A planned collusion to corrupt “human rights” process to brutally violate and abuse a victim ( a victim abused in 2010 at UPEI and further endured corrupted processes and inhumane abuses that remain ongoing):

A corrupt “PEI Human Rights Commission” colluded with #UPEI , “University of Prince Edward Island”, to set up…

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