#PEI, #UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island” Claims Female Students “DESERVE” to be Abused, Assaulted, Bullied While Deviants and Predators are Rewarded

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PEI Human rights” colluded with “University of PEI” under the approval of “PEI Premier Ghiz” and his “PEI government” officials.

Patsy MacLean and Doug Currie Involved with Hiring Hilton at the PEI human rights commission to bully female victims; (Feb 2011)

“Patsy MacLean” had previously identified Hilton, during an investigation, as one of the bullies at #UPEI, that Turnbull was paying, in research grants, to bully female victims into silence and off campus.

Maclean, then had Hilton, (a bully that Turnbull had paid, on UPEI research grants, to bully and slander female victims off campus), hired at the PEI Human rights commission, on a law grant, that she had access to, being on a “PEI Law Society” committee.

“Doug Currie” agreed to continue to pay MacLean’s bully, at the PEI Human rights commission, on a “PEI Government” contract. Hilton was to alert #UPEI to any female that had accessed the corrupt “PEI Human rights commission” so UPEI could get the bullies to harass the victim into silence and off campus. Hilton also was to slander females who had made complaints at the “PEI human rights commission”. There have been formal complaints, of such actions, but remain covered up by #PEI officials and “PEI human rights commission”.

Planned and corrupt “PEI Human Rights commission” collusion with #UPEI to abuse a female student who had placed complaints of abuse, against “University of Prince Edward Island”, with the “PEI Human Rights” commission.

An inhumane, corrupted collusion and horrid plan of brutally abusing a female victim was originally threatened on a victim by #UPEI officials. (Jan 2011- July 2011)

The initial group of scammers, bullies, deviant abusers:

The group initially consisted of: former “President of UPEI”; “Patsy MacLean” who gained millions, from Currie, for her firm along with many high paying government patronage positions, she harmed victims, who made complaints, while she was the fair treatment advocate at UPEI, did whatever the former president said, even if it was illegal; “Murray Murphy”, UPEI lawyer and “PEI Law society” member; “Doug Currie”, PEI Minister and Ghiz’s inner circle; the former dean and “UPEI Faculty” member, Turnbull, ( former Dean of Education, demoted –Sept 2013- and resigned, after being caught by STLHE, passing in fraudulent apology letters, from victim to abusers, to cover up scam that UPEI and PEI pulled on the #STLHE); and a hired bully and Turnbull’s sidekick, Hilton. They were kept updated on the plans as late as July 2011.

Hilton, was one of many SU reps who would be paid off to assist with the bullying of the victims off campus. Hilton was paid with a multitude of research grants where he did not have to do research and given special privileges at UPEI. The former president of the SU was promised a good job, by “Murray Murphy”, with her helping him, with not complying with a contract, and to ignore pleas for help from a student to stop the ban and harassment ongoing at #UPEI. The SU refused to respond to the student and sent all her emails on to “Murray Murphy” as he had requested. She was hired by Sean Casey, M.P., in his Ottawa office when she graduated.

February 2011, “Greg Howard” and “Lorraine Buell” was brought into the plan. Howard and Murphy finalized the details of the abusive mediation (July 2011) and the negative responses from the “PEI Human rights” commission, when #UPEI had planned not to comply with the contract they sign with the victim, in a way to further harass and violate the victim. #UPEI had planned to ban the victim, write fake apology letters from the victim to the abusers, produce fraudulent transcripts to further destroy the victim’s academic record and cut off her thesis advisor.

“Rosemary Herbert” became part of the gang where she actively participated in an abusive mediation, and assisted Murphy with slandering the victim, banning her from the public funded #UPEI and cutting her advisor. Although she was given this illegal ‘immunity’ from #UPEI and Ghiz to be unethical and brutally treat a victim, she is still under a professional code of conduct, as a nurse. She will be reported to the Nursing Association for breaching her ethical code of conduct in her part of breaching this code to purposively harm a victim who had been severely abused. She also acted as a lawyer without a license where both her and the secretary mediator would quote and even write down laws, from Murphy’s law email, that were bogus with a laypersons’ misunderstanding of laws. The victim had to hire a lawyer twice to stop the unethical bogus legal attacks over the 5 months of brutal, corrupted mediation.

#UPEI Colluded and Planned Corrupted and Abusive “PEI Human Rights” Mediation, with #UPEI not complying with the contract they signed with the victim to further deny a female victim human rights, to break laws.

It was planned that #UPEI would never comply with a contract they signed with the victim, in a corrupted “PEI Human Rights” mediation process so #UPEI and #PEI officials could further violate and abuse the female victim. A devious and inhumane collusion that shows how uncivilized #UPEI and #PEI officials have become in their twisted and perversion of abusing power and office to abuse female students.

The” PEI Human rights”, mediator, “Lorraine Buell”, and “Murray Murphy” decided together to mediate WITHOUT victim.

During this 5 month planned abusive mediation, “Murray Murphy” was yelling threats at the victim and also yelled that he would physically “harm the victim” . Murray Murphy would launch verbal assaults on the victim for 15 minutes yelling that the victim “DESERVED to have been assaulted by her thesis professor”…that she “DESERVED everything they did to her”…and so much worse. Cruel, inhumane treatment of a victim. Abuse of an already abused victim since 2010. The abuses and denial of rights, being banned from a public institution, #UPEI, circulating fraud apology letters and fraudulent transcripts remain ongoing.

This horrid ordeal began Feb 2010 and the victim should have completed her thesis in Dec 2010 with publications. When she asked for a new advisor due to the events, threats of her former thesis advisor, he destroyed her data for her thesis, as was threatened, while 2 officials from UPEI watched. These officials were supposed to stop any of her former thesis advisor from following through on the threats. One official reported it while the other, Turnbull, did not.

The victim was working on a third thesis, October 2012, off campus, (as she was denied access to the campus), with her thesis advisor. Murphy emailed her advisor to cut her off from working with the victim. The professor refused telling Murphy that he was not her boss and it was unethical and against the contract they had signed. Murphy then had her thesis professor’s boss, VP Academics, to stop the thesis professor’s working with the victim, to prevent the victim from completing her thesis. The VP Academics admitted, in a meeting, that he was following the directions of Murray Murphy. Although the VP stated he read the contract, was aware that he was not complying with the contract, and was denying and not complying with other laws, the VP claimed that Murphy and Ghiz had given him and others who were involved,, ‘immunity’ for breaking all the laws and denying the victim rights. To continue to brutally abuse the victim. Inhumanity.

May 2012- present: #UPEI claim they have immunity to not to comply with contracts and can continue to abuse females, and not to comply with contracts and laws. Officials claim they received this immunity from “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Murray Murphy” when their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, directed his clients, #UPEI, to break the law and not comply with the contract that they had signed, not to comply with human rights laws and other laws that have been breached.

#UPEI officials openly state that they are and know they are breaking laws; but, also openly discuss their so called protection/ ‘immunity’ they claim they have been given to break laws.

Thus, #UPEI officials stated to the victim, that they will not stop the illegal ban of access to UPEI and/or circulating fraudulent documents, as they have protection and IMMUNITY from the “PEI Premier Ghiz” and their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, who directed them to break the laws.

‘When there is no humanity left, there is only evil. These acts done, to a victim of abuse, were inhumane acts. There is no humanity left on PEI or at UPEI. Wherever there is no humanity there will be cruel suffering onto others. PEI is an unsafe and dangerous place especially for the powerless and targeted female students at UPEI’– the Victim


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