“Canadian University”, “University of PEI”, #UPEI, Abusing Female Students; Corrupting “PEI Human Rights”, Refusing to Comply with Contracts and Laws: #PEI, #UPEI, Deny Females Basic Human Rights Including Access to a Public Funded #UPEI: A First in Canada

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<p>#UPEI, “University of Prince Edward Island”, Ghiz and “PEI Government” Officials, colluded to bring a victim of abuse, into a corrupted and abusive “human rights” mediation process, so they could further abuse, bully, deny her the basic human rights, to harass, and verbally degrade her. “To break her down”, to destroy her health, and anything that had been left of her academic and personal reputations. This abuse was reported in 2010 and the victim was continuously exposed to corrupted processes and violations, remains ongoing.

There is massive “corruption” on “PEI” with a culture of “deviance”. There is a well known rewarding of “deviants” and predators while destroying and demonizing the female victims. There are NO “human rights” on #PEI for female students and NO HUMANITY, either, amidst all this corruption and deviance.

“PEI Human rights” colluded with “University of PEI” under the approval of “PEI Premier Ghiz” and his “PEI government” officials.

A planned and corrupt “PEI Human Rights commission” collusion with #UPEI to abuse a female student who had placed complaints of abuse, against #UPEI, with the corrupted “PEI Human Rights” commission (Nov 2011)

“Greg Howard” oversaw the abusive mediation and the post mediation corruption (Howard resigned April 2013); “Lorraine Buell” is a secretary and was chosen to be the corrupt mediator, so the victim could not report her to the law society as it was planned to legally attack the victim with bogus laws. The victim was legally attacked by UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, as well as, by “UPEI Nursing” faculty, “Rosemary Herbert” and PEI human rights secretary/mediator, “Lorraine Buell“, during this corrupted process when the victim did not have legal council.

That decision to have Buell, as corrupt mediator, was the suggestion of Patsy MacLean. MacLean had already been reported to the “PEI law Society” for her own previous corrupted role (Dec 2010- April 2011) in an abusive fair treatment investigation, that she had done at #UPEI.

The corrupted and abusive #UPEI mediation team consisted of “PEI Law society” member and UPEI lawyer, “Murray Murphy“, and “UPEI Nursing” faculty, “Rosemary Herbert” . They followed through on threats, made to the victim, which she had documented in detail, July 2011. This also included a threatened abusive and violating post mediation process which was also followed through by UPEI, PEI Human rights commission and Ghiz, Sherry, and MacIsaac.

In addition to the abuses, bullying, destruction of this female since 2010, this meant that she would further suffer losses and continue to be abused for another 2 years. It remains ongoing.


SHAME SHAME UPEI, PEI! There will be a special HELL for those who took part in this massive abuse of a human being.



Corrupted #UPEI and #PEI Continues to follow through on Threats, Brutal Bullying, Abusing a Female Victim since 2011: UPEI and PEI REFUSES to comply with Contracts and Laws.

UPEI has been Producing Fraudulent Documents, transcripts, fake apology letters from victim to her abusers, and banned victim access to the public funded #UPEI, refusing victim access to human rights commission processes, as was threatened on victim, by UPEI, July 2011. The victim submitted her complaints Nov 2011.

“Murray Murphy’ and Turnbull had also circulated and submitted these fake apology letters, to the STLHE, to cover up their scam they had pulled on them, to scam awards for professors who were on human rights complaints. The STLHE caught the fake apology letters and Turnbull was forced to be demoted in Sept 2013 when the STLHE demanded action or a law suit. Ghiz quickly had the demoted and disgraced, unethical, corrupted Turnbull hired on at Ghiz’s former community college he had graduated from in Quebec.

All threats were followed through on this abused student for 4 YEARS and remains ongoing.


Corruption and INHUMANE Treatment of a Victim SUMMARY:

#PEI and #UPEI colluded to set up a CORRUPT and abusive, violating “human rights” process through the corrupted “PEI Human Rights commission”.

PEI does NOT comply with human rights laws

PEI and UPEI does not comply with laws

PEI and UPEI does not comply with mediated contracts

PEI and UPEI DENIES female students the basic human rights

UPEI and PEI bullies Female Victims off campus while REWARDING the Abusers and Deviant Predators

PEI and UPEI Illegally DENIED a student access to public funded UPEI

#UPEI was caught submitting fake apology letters from victim to cover up scam that UPEI was pulling on STLHE to scam awards for those abusers who were named in “human rights” complaints.

#UPEI and #PEI promoting and circulation of fraudulent documents, Scamming awards, UNETHICAL, illegal acts, Violence towards a female victim

#UPEI and #PEI does NOT comply with the international agreement in regards to the UN Declaration of Human Rights!!

#UPEI continues to circulate fraudulent transcripts to destroy the victim’s academic and personal reputations, as was threatened (“UPEI Registrar”, “Kathleen Kielly” continues to knowingly circulate fraud transcripts). Kielly claims she is being directed to do this illegal and immoral act, against a victim, on the direction of “Murray Murphy” and will continue to do this as she, like others at UPEI and “PEI Human Rights”, have been given immunity by Murphy and the corrupted Ghiz regime.

#UPEI circulated fraud and fake apology letters from the victim where the victim was subjected to further abuses and harassment.

“UPEI” refuses to Stop breaking the laws and Refuses to Stop abusing this female student.

#PEI refuses to do the necessary, police stated investigations, to stop the fraudulent documents being circulated at UPEI and used to harm the student. And, to stop this illegal act.

Ghiz and Sherry have refused to allow the investigation into the corrupted “PEI human rights” commission. When the evidence was submitted by the victim, Howard resigned but the others remain abusing and violating the victim.

#UPEI and #PEI promote and reward those who abuse their power, assault, harass and abuse female students.

UPEI and PEI DESTROY Abused Female Victims


Massive Corruption and Inhumanity, without any respect for laws or females, plagues Prince Edward Island and UPEI, once again.


Illegally banning a female victim access to public funded education, #UPEI, is a FIRST in Canada. This is just another DISGRACE that PEI and UPEI have become infamous for, during the Ghiz’s Reign of Terror, Oppression and Corruption.


SHAME SHAME UPEI, PEI! There will be a special HELL for those who took part in this massive abuse of a human being.
MASSIVE CORRUPTION and INHUMANITY on PEI and at the corrupt and immoral UPEI.


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