#UPEI, #PEI, “Prince Edward Island” Brutally Abusing and #Bullying Female Students while Rewarding the Bullies and Deviants: Massive Corruption and Deviance on “PEI” and at “UPEI”

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2010-present: 4 years of massive #Corruption, destruction, and  #bullying that a female victim still endures, with compelling and devastating losses, as #UPEI protects and rewards the corrupted predators and sexual deviants while #UPEI and #PEI Destroys their targeted female victims that were #abused, #assaulted, brutally #bullied and #re-victimized by the  #corrupt and #deviant #PEI and #UPEI officials.

NO HUMANITY, NO HUMAN RIGHTS ON #PEI or #UPEI: Massive #Corruption, #Deviants, #Bullying, #Abuses, and #Assaults on Targeted Female students at the “University of PEI”, “Prince Edward Island”, Canada.


Prince Edward Island”, (#PEI), Canada
“University of Prince Edward Island”, ( #UPEI )

“Premier Ghiz” , “PEI Premier Robert Ghiz” ,

“Murray Murphy” – “UPEI lawyer”, “PEI Law Society” member; Does not comply with laws; Directs his clients, “UPEI”, to break laws; verbally abused victim; colluded to have a corrupted “PEI Human rights” mediation process as was threatened, in detailed, and documented by the victim on July 2011.  Murphy yelled at victim in this abusive mediation that female students “DESERVE to be abused, DESERVED to be assaulted…DESERVED to be destroyed”….

“President of UPEI”, (“UPEI President” ) Close friend and business associate of Ghiz ; “President of UPEI” has had several complaints of sexual harassment placed against him by several females (2013).  He is presently non-compliant with another mediated contract that UPEI signed with a female victim.

“PEI Human Rights” Commission is a #Ghiz corrupted run office. #UPEI brags and threatens the victim, of further abuses, harm, (further “human rights” violations) if victims submit  complaints against UPEI.

#UPEI Mediators, in this corrupted process were:   “Murray Murphy” and “UPEI Nursing” faculty member, “Rosemary Herbert”.  The “PEI human rights” mediator was appointed to be the secretary, “Lorraine Buell” with “Greg Howard” overseeing the corruptive and abusive mediation process and the follow up corruptive and abuses the victim would endure when she was refused rights, and subjected to corruption at the PEI human rights and PEI government levels.

The Abused Victim is threatened with a planned corrupted “PEI Human Rights commission” process. The threats include the corrupted collusion between #UPEI and “PEI human rights commission”, overseen by the corrupted “PEI Government”.  The victim documented the details and all the threats that were made regarding what UPEI and PEI had illegally planned for her, on July 2011.

The victim placed complaints against #UPEI, with the “PEI Human Rights” commission  on Nov 2011.

The victim had to endure 5 months of an INHUMANE, Corrupted, Harassing, and #Bullying ‘mediation process’ where laws were broken and she was subjected to , Violations and Abuses by “PEI Human Rights” and #UPEI: The threats were FOLLOWED through by #UPEI and #PEI.

The victim alleges that “Murray Murphy” had taken temper tantrums , while yelling threats, during this violating, illegal so called “human rights” mediation.

“Murray Murphy” brutally verbally slandered and abused the victim with telling her she “DESERVED to have been “ASSAULTED” and “DESERVED” all the #abuses, #threats, #bullying, losses that “UPEI DID TO HER”….and that he would see to it that she would have her “personal and academic reputations completely destroyed by UPEI and PEI”.  A corruptive and abusive so called ‘human rights’ process where a victim would be subjected to such horrid illegal abuses.  SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on UPEI and PEI.

The victim was legally attacked with bogus laws and cases when she did not have a lawyer. These legal attacks came from, “PEI Law Society” member: “Murray Murphy”, “UPEI Faculty” member: “Rosemary Herbert” and “PEI Human rights” secretary and mediator for this abused process, “Lorraine Buell”.

The victim claims she was further threatened by “Murray Murphy”, during this abusive and illegal mediation, with his yelling threats that he would physically harm her. He would see to it that she was “DESTROYED”.

Massive abuses to an already abused victim who was still suffering PTSD , from the traumatized events, she had endured at #UPEI since 2010. INHUMANE!

All the detailed threats, that the victim recorded, July 2011, of a corrupted and abusive mediation and further abuses after mediation were ALL FOLLOWED THROUGH ON BY #UPEI, and #PEI during mediation (Nov 2011- May 2012) and after mediation (May 2012- present- remain ongoing)

AFTER Mediation- The Threats Continue to be followed through (May 2011- presently ongoing)

#UPEI signed a contract with with the victim, May 2012, but then refused to comply with the contract AND refused to comply with any laws , including the laws on “human rights”, contracts, and fraud. #UPEI had threatened this on the victim, July 2011,  with specific details of what they would do to her, post mediation, to cause her  further losses, harm and damages.  To totally destroy her like Murphy had threatened in mediation in April 2012.

From May 2012- remains ongoing, the victim continues to face greater losses and violations, extreme slandering, harassment, #bullying, and the threats being following through in regards to causing the victim,  total destruction of her academic and personal reputations, and further destruction to her health.

After signing a mediated contract,  #UPEI, and  #PEI then followed through on the rest of the threats. The victim was illegally banned access to the public funded #UPEI; the victim had her thesis advisor and thesis work cut off by Murphy, while the “UPEI Registrar” circulated fraudulent and libelous transcripts that destroyed her academic reputation. All the abuses, #harassment, #violations, denial of rights, corrupted processes, bragging of their corrupted ways, massive #bullying, increased  after signing the mediated “human rights” contract.

#UPEI knowingly circulated and continue to circulate fraudulent documents, including fraudulent apology letters that the victim did not write or sign. Murphy and Turnbull had also submitted these fake letters to the #STLHE to cover up UPEI’s scam to get National awards from the STLHE for professors who were named on “Human Rights” complaints.   However, the STLHE caught UPEI trying to submit bogus apology letters from a victim and UPEI had to demote Turnbull in Sept 2013 with threats of a lawsuit being threatened on UPEI for their scamming awards.  Ghiz helped Turnbull gain employment at the community college where Ghiz had graduated from years before.

#UPEI and “UPEI Lawyer”, “Murray Murphy” continue to refuse to comply with the “human rights” contract and human rights laws as well as all other laws.

#UPEI officials claim they acknowledge that their actions are illegal and they are NOT complying to the signed contract and/or complying to laws and realize they are causing extreme losses and destruction to the victim as was threatened by her abusers.

However, UPEI officials claim they are being directed to break laws, at the direction of “Murray Murphy”, under their proclaimed protection of non-accountability and protection/immunity from “Murray Murphy” and Ghiz.

#UPEI Officials claim they will continue to #bully, #abuse, break laws, and destroy the female student as was threatened as they feel confident that Murphy and #Ghiz will protect them from any accountability for their illegal and immoral acts against an abused victim..


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