#UPEI, #PEI, “University of PEI”, #Abusing, #Assaulting, then #Bullying Female Students off Campus: #UPEI does NOT comply with laws or contracts, claiming ‘immunity’ from #Ghiz and “Murray Murphy”

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UPEI/PEI DESTROYING Female students after they abuse, assault and bully them. NO HUMANITY UPEI,PEI

There is massive “corruption” on “PEI” with a culture of “deviance” with rewarding “deviants” and predators while destroying and demonizing the victims. There are no “human rights” on #PEI for female students and NO HUMANITY either amidst all this corruption and deviance. “PEI Human rights” colluded with “University of PEI” under the approval of “PEI Premier Ghiz” and his “PEI government” officials.

Planned and corrupt “PEI Human Rights commission” collusion with #UPEI to abuse a female student who had placed complaints of abuse, against #UPEI, with the “PEI Human Rights” commission (Nov 2011)

The planning of this collusion was completed in July 2011. The victim was brought into this corrupted process where her rights were violated, she was threatened, bullied, slandered, and harassed by both #UPEI (“Murray Murphy”, a “PEI Law Society” member and “UPEI Nursing” faculty member, “Rosemary Herbert”) and the “PEI Human rights” commission mediator, “Lorraine Buell”, under the supervision of “Greg Howard” former Head of the “PEI Human Rights” commission (Howard resigned ,April 2013, when the victim submitted evidence of a corrupted collusion and corrupt PEI Human rights commission).

Buell is a secretary, at the “PEI Human rights” commission, but was acting as a lawyer, without a licence. The victim and her support person had made a multitude of complaints, against Buell, as being a mediator, who was acting as a lawyer, without a license, biased, and who had breached the “PEI Human rights” commission contract to mediate and breached human rights laws. Howard refused to remove Buell and permitted the victim to be abused for 5 months by both “PEI Human rights” mediator and “UPEI”, “Murray Murphy” and “Rosemary Herbert”.

The victim alleges that “Murray Murphy” had taken temper tantrums , while yelling threats, during this violating, illegal so called “human rights” mediation.

“Murray Murphy” brutally verbally slandered and abused the victim with telling her she “DESERVED to have been “ASSAULTED” and “DESERVED” all the horrid abuses, threats, bullying, losses that “UPEI DID TO HER”.

The victim was legally attacked with bogus laws and cases when she did not have a lawyer. These legal attacks came from “Murray Murphy”, “Rosemary Herbert” and “PEI Human rights” secretary and mediator for this abused process, “Lorraine Buell”. The victim claims she was further threatened by”Murray Murphy”, during this abusive and illegal mediation, with his yelling threats that he would physically harm her. He would see to it that she was “DESTROYED”. Massive abuses to an already abused victim who was still suffering PTSD from the traumatized events she endured at UPEI since 2010. At the end, the” PEI Human rights”, mediator, Lorraine Buell, and “Murray Murphy” decided together to mediate WITHOUT victim.

Threats Made to Victim

All threats that the victim had documented, in detail, July 2011, regarding the abusive and illegal mediation were followed through exactly as threatened. Further detailed threats were also followed through, exactly, from May 2012- present. The threats were followed through exactly as were threatened, July 2011, by “PEI Human rights”, “Murray Murphy”, “Rosemary Herbert”, “Lorraine Buell”, “Greg Howard”, “UPEI”, Ghiz, Sherry, MacIsaac.

“Murray Murphy” also threatened the victim with the same threats that he, #PEI, #UPEI, and the “PEI human rights commission” would do to her, post mediation, to destroy her personal and academic reputations and to cause further sufferings and losses, to deny her rights, as threatened on victim during corrupted mediation on April 2012. Such threats also included fraudulent apology letters from her to her abusers, having her work and thesis advisor cut off so she could not finish her thesis, slandering victim, denying her access to UPEI, circulating fraudulent documents degrading victim including fraudulent and libelous transcripts destroying her academic record. Causing her even more pain and suffering with further harassment and bullying. All threats that Murphy made in mediation were also followed through, including being illegally banned from #UPEI and further horrific abuses and violations, including human rights abuses that would be denied or ignored (illegally) by the PEI Human rights commission and refused to be investigated as per police recommendation by MacIsaac and halted by Ghiz AND Sherry.

#UPEI had never planned to comply with any contract they had signed with victim:

The victim signed a contract with #UPEI, May 2012, but #UPEI had never intended to comply with the contract, as had been threatened July 2011. “Murray Murphy” refused to follow laws and directed his clients, #UPEI, to break the law. “Murray Murphy” is a member of the “PEI law society”, and a licensed #PEI lawyer. As was planned, #UPEI DOES NOT COMPLY with the contract and produces fraudulent docs, fake apology letters from victim to abusers, and the victim was illegally banned access from this public funded institution. “Murray Murphy” directs UPEI and the victim’s thesis advisor to stop working and ban the victim access to complete her work. “Rosemary Herbert” actively participated in this banning and circulating fraud, refusing to comply with contract which followed through on threats and totally destroyed the victim. The “UPEI Registrar” continued to circulate fraudulent transcripts and continues to do so to assist Murphy with destroying the victim’s academic record.

All complaints of violations and abuses are ignored by the “PEI Human rights commission”, “PEI Premier Ghiz”, “PEI Minister of Justice”, “Janice Sherry”, and MacIsaac, the “PEI Minister of Education”. This was planned during the corrupted and horrid devious collusion where the plan was finalized by Murphy and Howard, along with Ghiz’s approval, back in July 2011.

#UPEI Claims ‘Immunity’ /Protection for Abuses and Illegal Acts: Is that legal UPEI, PEI?

May 2012- present: #UPEI, PEI Human rights commission, claim they have immunity to not to comply with contracts and can continue to abuse females, and not to comply with contracts and laws.

UPEI Officials claim they received this immunity from “PEI Premier Ghiz” and “Murray Murphy” when their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, directed his clients, #UPEI, to break the law and not comply with the contract that they had signed, not to comply with human rights laws and other laws that have been breached.

#UPEI officials openly state that they are and know they are breaking laws; but, also openly discuss their so called protection/ ‘immunity’ they claim they have been given to break laws.

Thus, #UPEI officials stated to the victim, that they will not stop the illegal ban of access to UPEI and/or circulating fraudulent documents, as they have protection and IMMUNITY from the “PEI Premier Ghiz” and their lawyer, “Murray Murphy”, who directed them to break the laws.

Immunity that would be illegal. Ghiz and Sherry challenge the victim to MAKE them comply with laws and policies and will continue to refuse to breach contracts, international agreements and break laws.

There is no campus more treacherous than one where stated policies and signed contracts, agreements are not followed. #UPEI is one such campus. When caught, they are protected by a made up, illegal ‘immunity’ given to them by those who are running this corrupt campus and “PEI government”, including the very corrupted and violating “PEI Human Rights Commission”.

This corrupt university, #UPEI, is a mere reflection of the overall corrupted society, “PEI”, that it rests in. Abuses of power and office, breaches of trust are prevalent in corrupted, oppressive environments, such at those found at #UPEI and on #PEI. Massive “corruption”, “deviance” and “bullying” run #PEI and #UPEI


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